Missions at ESPCI

The agent sends the corresponding form and supporting documents to the generic address:

►The Mission Order (MO) request

Click on the link to follow the current procedure and the circuit for mission orders.
Send the ESPCI form and/or the request for exemption from the indemnity system for scientific personalities, specifying in the subject line of the message: [ESPCI] mission – name of the place

Respecting the deadlines imposed:
– For France: at least 15 days before departure
– For Europe and countries not listed on the site of the safety officer: minimum 3 weeks before departure
– For countries listed on the website of the security official: 1 month before the departure on mission MUST be done.
Reminder of the address of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) website to be consulted before any trip to a high-risk country: http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/conseils-aux-voyageurs/


Enclosing / indicating obligatorily :
– For conferences, the program and the invitation letter (if you are a speaker),
– For scientific collaborations, the name and organization of your collaborator, as well as a letter of invitation (if possible),
– For participation in a thesis jury, the name and affiliation of the doctoral student concerned,
– For missions that must take place in a risky country, the name of a person to contact in case of emergency in France but also at your mission location (postal and telephone address in both cases).

►The transportation reservation

The purchase of tickets and hotel reservation: non-existent market, possibility of acquisition by ESPCI purchase card, to be seen with the director of IMAP Christiant SERRE.

►The return from mission

Click on the link and connect to the ESPCI PARIS website to follow the procedure in force and transmit the duly completed ESPCI expense claim form accordingly.

►The conference registration fee

– The payment can be made through the purchase card (holder: Christian SERRE) with the agreement of the agent’s scientific manager and Christian Serre
– Either the agent asks the organization for an invoice allowing the payment by purchase order (see procedure for the purchase requests) in the name of the tutelage with its Siret number.
– Or the agent pays the expenses himself and asks for an invoice in his name.