ENS Diploma (DENS)


A three years Degree rewarded by an institution diploma, the ENS diploma
During three years, students follow a top-level teaching. The first two years take place at the ENS, the third year, the Master 2, can be achieved in different institutions. The foundation year (60 ECTS) enables them to achieve the first DENS year (DENS1). The validation of 120 ECTS in second and third year (DENS2 and DENS3) enables them to obtain a Master. By acquiring an additional of 72 ECTS during their 3 years Degree, students thus obtain the ENS diploma, which validates their entire Degree followed at ENS.

/ A top-level conceptual Degree in modern Chemistry with multidisciplinary vocations
– A Degree in Chemistry that distinguishes itself by its strong conceptual content and a large coverage of the actual Chemistry spectrum: molecular chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry.
First year: fundamental foundation, learning of the basic concepts
Second year: intensification and beginning of specialisation (modular pathway)
Third year: M2 research
– Discovery of related disciplines (Biology, Physics, Maths) integrated in the cursus
– Additional courses of your choice in the other ENS departments (Languages, Literature, Physics, Biology, …)

/ An enlightened Degree
– Top-level conceptual Degree
– An emancipation context for students considered as apprentice researchers
– Numerous openings to related disciplines (Biology, Physics and Earth Sciences
– Possibility to prepare for the aggregation contest

/ A formation by research (laboratory internships and immersions)
– 1 first-year internship
– Immersion in laboratory as soon as the first year
– 1 second-year long internship (5 months), most frequently in a foreign laboratory
– Research internships in the third year to prepare a research M2
– Working on scientific articles, bibliographic research
– Research seminaries

/ A strong interaction with French and foreign teachers-researchers
– Interactive research seminaries
– Tutoring and scientific preceptorship
– High supervising rate (more than 2 teachers for 1 student on average)

/ A customized path 
– Customizable path on the second and third years with a pedagogical monitoring by a tutor
– Each student builds its own pedagogic project
– A minimum of 24 complementary ECTS to choose from the whole package offered by the other ENS departments (biology, physics, languages, philosophy, economy, theatre, etc.)
– Possibility of validating the DENS with a chemistry major and two minors in secondary disciplines for which we will have validated 24 ECTS
– Existence of a first-year physics-chemistry mixed cursus, which allows to validate the DENS with a physics and chemistry double major.
– Existence of an ENS-ESPCI path that allows to validate the DENS and the ESPCI diploma

/ An intellectual emancipation
– Free time is given for personnal work, books and articles reading, learning of classes in other departments, free-to-will internships, meetings with, etc
– Subjective presentations of the fields by the teachers

/ Legibility and international openness
– Program on referential English books chapters
– Second-year long internship in foreign laboratory
– Foreign students welcoming
– Part of courses given in English
– Foreign teachers invited every year to interact with students


1ère année (1A) 2ème année (2A)
3ème année (3A) Admission