Second year (2A)

The second year of the predoctoral training allows to validate the first year (M1) of the Master of Chemistry of Paris Centre. Opened to the different fields of the discipline, it provides essentially modular teaching, making it possible to personalize the course. It includes opening and deepening courses designed to allow students to make a well-considered orientation in M2, seminars, a “Chemistry, History and Society” module, as well as a reinforcement of activities linked to research (Challenges, long internships, immersion, etc.).

The courses are given during the first semester of M1, in the Department of Chemistry. During this semester, personal work, individual or in groups, as well as projects are an important part of the training. The experimental module started in the first year continues with a Research Challenge, experimental workshops and additional opportunities for laboratory immersion.

The second semester is entirely dedicated to an internship in laboratory with a duration of at least sixteen weeks, worked abroad.

The chemistry department also offers a “Science and Letters” module, available to all students.

Second year schedule (DENS 2A) 2021-2022 (November 22, 2021 version) for download

Back to school meeting on Monday, September 6 at 9:30 a.m. in Montrouge (1 rue Maurice Arnoux, 92120 Montrouge), room 409

WARNING: all classes (except manual works and challenges) take place on the Montrouge campus (1 rue Maurice Arnoux, 92120 Montrouge), room 409

First semester :

A) Modules counting for the M1S1 (30 ECTS)
A-i) 6 modules with 4 ECTS to be chosen among :

Title  Person in charge  Indicative hourly volume ECTS
Bio-inorganic Chemistry Clotilde Policar 32h – 4 ECTS
  Chimie Organométallique   Matthieu Sollogoub  32 h – 4 ECTS
  Matériaux Inorganiques  Gilles Wallez  32 h– 4 ECTS
  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance  Kong Ooi Tan  32 h– 4 ECTS
  Chimie Théorique : Structure Électronique  Rodolphe Vuilleumier  32 h – 4 ECTS
  Physico-Chimie du Vivant  Ludovic Jullien  32 h – 4 ECTS
  Matière(s) Molle(s)  Damien Baigl  32 h – 4 ECTS
  Synthèse Asymétrique  Alejandro Perez-Luna 32 h – 4 ECTS
  Chimie Théorique : Mécanique Statistique Appliquée à la Chimie  Damien Laage  32 h– 4 ECTS

A-ii) 2 modules with 2 ECTS to be chosen among :

  Title  Person in charge  Indicative hourly volume – ECTS
  Nouvelles méthodes d’activation en synthèse organique  Maxime Vitale  14 h – 2 ECTS
  Polymères : de la Chimie aux Matériaux  Christophe Tribet  14 h – 2 ECTS
Spectroscopies inorganiques  Antoine Tissot  14 h – 2 ECTS

A-iii) 1 compulsory module with 2 ECTS :

  Title  Person in charge  Indicative hourly volume ECTS
Chimie, Histoire et Société  Jean-Bernard Baudin  14 h – 2 ECTS

B) Modules counting for the DENS
B-i) 1 Compulsory module DENS :

  Title  Person in charge  Indicative hourly volume – ECTS
Module expérimental M1  Marie Labeye  on Mondays – 6 ECTS

B-ii) Optional modules DENS :

Title  Person in charge Indicative hourly volume – ECTS
Scientific Communication  Fabien Ferrage  20 h – 3 ECTS
Réactivités en champs intenses : non-linéarité et adiabaticité  Alain Dubois  20 h – 3 ECTS
  Immersion en Laboratoire  Jérôme Delacotte  1 day per week – 3 ECTS

Second semester :
C) Modules counting for the M1S2 (30 ECTS)

  Title  Responsible  Indicative hourly volume  ECTS
Stage de Recherche à l’étranger  Marie Labeye  At least 16 weeks  18 ECTS
  Stage L3S2 (completed the previous year)   Sergii Rudiuk  At least 6 weeks  6 ECTS
  English module  ECLA Department  6 ECTS