International researchers – Procedures and day-to-day life in France

This page is dedicated to you if you have just arrived in France following your recruitment as an international researcher, doctoral student or BIATSS/ITA.

Essential steps to be taken upon your arrival

Visa and residency permit

It is essential to have a legal situation in France:
– before arriving in France: obtaining a visa
– upon arrival in France: validation of the visa or obtaining a residence permit

Opening a French bank account

To allow the payment of your salary (French or European bank account)

Affiliation to the social security

For the reimbursement of medical expenses.
It is necessary to provide a sworn translation into French of your birth certificate.


PSL’s Welcome Desk can help you and your family with all the procedures involved in your daily life in France.

Processing time : how long before I get an answer ?

According to the recent experience of the Welcome Desk (nov. 2022)

Procedure Processing time
Get a positive decision after having requested a resident permit on the ANEF website 2 months
Receive a certificate of the renewal request being instructed a few days after the current visa or resident permit expires
Receiving a text message saying that the resident permit is ready, after receiving the positive decision 2 to 3 months
After hearing that the resident permit is ready, finding a slot to get the card at the préfecture 1 to 2 weeks
Receiving the temporary social security number after sending the file to the CPAM 1 months
Receving the carte vitale after ordering it 2 weeks (online) and 3 weeks (postal service)
Having a first reply from the CAF 2 months
Having the Welcome Desk answer your email
1 week top