Internship with gratification on ESPCI budget

Please note that the direct supervisor must inform the HR department of the budget allocation before the internship agreement is signed.

Items to be indicated on the internship agreement

► Host organization: École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles de la ville de Paris
► Represented by (signatory of the agreement): Ouassila Soum
► In the capacity of: Director of Human Resources
► Place/Department in which the internship is carried out: UMR8004 IMAP
► Amount of the gratification : 4.35€/hour
► Siret n° : 200 000 685 00012


Amount of the gratification : 4.35 €/hour

Calculation of the gratification : the gratification is calculated on the basis of the days of presence on the place of the training course
(simulator here)
Reimbursement of additional expenses:
► 75% reimbursement of travel expenses by public transport (place of residence – place of internship)

Constitution of the administrative file

For the implementation of the internship gratuity, the intern sends to the HR department:
► the attached information sheet duly completed and signed by the student
► a copy of both sides of the student’s identity card
► a copy of both sides of the student’s health insurance card
► his/her liability insurance certificate
► a RIB in his/her name,
► the duly completed form for the assumption of transportation costs accompanied by the copy of the Imagine R subscription contract or copy of the Navigo receipt.

Upon the trainee’s arrival

On the first day of the internship, the intern approaches the HR department to sign his/her installation report.