Receiving a visitor at Sorbonne Université

Hosting an international scientific guest

International guests (from outside the EU, EEA) must have a hosting agreement (Cerfa) in order to obtain a scientific visa (VLS-TS mentioning “scientist”) from the embassy of their respective country before coming to France or a residence permit mentioning “scientist” from the prefecture of their place of residence (case of persons already residing in France).

Conditions of eligibility for the hosting agreement
– Hold a diploma at least equivalent to a Master’s degree.
– Proof of financing the stay (e.g. work contract, grant, etc.)

The HR department requests a hosting agreement for you via the MoveOn tool.

The scientific director sends to the HR department :
– Copy of the passport (if 1st entry in France), copy of the residence permit (if already in France)
– Copy of the last diploma obtained by the visiting researcher – Minimum MASTER LEVEL
– Address in the country of residence
– Address planned during the stay in France
– Theme of the research
– Certificate of funding (employer’s certificate, scholarship certificate, research stay agreement (CSR)) – Must indicate the status of the visiting researcher, the dates of his/her contract, the amount of his/her gross remuneration in €.
– Research and/or higher education institution attended in the country of usual residence

The HR department will contact the guest to send the hosting agreement (Cerfa).