The chemistry department of the ENS offers a general degree at the highest level in all chemical aspects (physical chemistry, organic, inorganic, theorical, materials) as well as all its interfaces. It offers opportunities (biology and physics) and delivers a research degree (research laboratory immersions, internships, factory works, seminars, …). Future graduates professional activities are in different fields : higher education et private or public research (60%), secondary education (20%), entrepreneurship – advising – high public function (20%).

The teaching takes place in the department near the research laboratories, thus offering students privileged contacts and daily life within the international research actors. The experimental degree and in silico offered to the chemistry department students includes research laboratories immersions as soon as the second semester of the first year.

Lasting at least 3 years, this pre-doctoral degree is constituted of the validation of a Bachelor (1 year), a Master (2 years), as well as an additional multidisciplinary course in the different research or literature departments of the ENS. It is rewarded by an ENS diploma (DENS). First year classes (DENS1 / L3) and second year classes (DENS2 /M1) take place in the ENS chemistry department; the second-year research Master is then pursued in one of the multiple pathways (DENS3 / M2) opened to ENS students.

The chemistry department of the ENS is also largely involved in the Paris Centre Master’s Chemistry Degree, co-accredited course between Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) and Sorbonne Université (SU).

The enrolment to the preparation of the ENS diploma is carried out exclusively by a competitive examination (concours).

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