Peptides, Glycoconjugates and Metals in Biology

Coordination: Dr. Laurence Grimaud

The team Peptides, Glycoconjugates and Metals in Biology is constituted of organic and inorganic chemists who share skills, and know-hows to synthesize and study the reactivity of bioactive molecules, bioconjugates and functional nanoparticles.
Combining organic synthesis, spectroscopies (IR, UV-Vis absorption, fluorescence, X-fluorescence) electrochemistry and biology, the research of the team is aimed at deciphering the reactivity and properties of bioinspired constructs ranging from the molecular to the supramolecular and colloidal scales. Applications include the fundamental understanding of the (bio)catalytic activity of metals complexes, the study of biomolecular interactions (membrane, peptides, proteins and glycoconjugates) and cellular imaging using tailored fluorescent, IR or X-fluorescent probes.

Affiliation: ED 406: Molecular Chemistry Paris-Centre


Bioinorganic Chemistry Bioorganic Chemistry

Latest Publications


Mannose-Coated Fluorescent Lipid Microparticles for Specific Cellular Targeting and Internalization via Glycoreceptor-Induced Phagocytosis Article de journal

Blaise Dumat; Lorraine Montel; Léa Pinon; Pascal Matton; Laurent Cattiaux; Jacques Fattaccioli; Jean-Maurice Mallet

ACS Applied Bio Materials, p. acsabm.9b00793, 2019, ISSN: 2576-6422.

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Electroactive fluorescent false neurotransmitter FFN102 partially replaces dopamine in PC12 cell vesicles Article de journal

L Hu; A Savy; L Grimaud; M Guille-Collignon; F Lemaître; C Amatore; J Delacotte

Biophysical Chemistry, 245 , p. 1–5, 2019.

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From Benzofurans to Indoles: Palladium-Catalyzed Reductive Ring-Opening and Closure via β-Phenoxide Elimination Article de journal

L A Perego; S Wagschal; R Grüber; P Fleurat-Lessard; L El Kaïm; L Grimaud

Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 361 (1), p. 151–159, 2019.

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Methylglyoxal, a potent inducer of AGEs, connects between diabetes and cancer Article de journal

J Bellier; M -J Nokin; E Lardé; P Karoyan; O Peulen; V Castronovo; A Bellahcène

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 148 , p. 200–211, 2019.

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Glycoreplica peptides to investigate molecular mechanisms of immune-mediated physiological versus pathological conditions Article de journal

A Mazzoleni; J -M Mallet; P Rovero; A M Papini

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 663 , p. 44–53, 2019.

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