Laboratoire LBM

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Biomolecules : analysis, molecular and cellular interactions Peptides, glycoconjugates and metals in biology
Structure and dynamics of biomolecules

Directeur : Sandrine Sagan
Directeurs adjoints : Olivier Lequin & Clotilde Policar
Administratrice : Eliane Moulinié
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The LBM laboratory (UMR 7203 ENS-CNRS-SU) is a research unit focused on biomolecules. The objectives of LBM are to analyze, understand, mimick and manipulate living systems with chemical and physico-chemical tools. Basic research activities are characterized by a continuum of skills, from the design and the chemical synthesis of biomolecules and biologically active probes/molecules, their analysis at the molecular or supramolecular level, to the evaluation of their activity in living systems.


Actualités du laboratoire

A cell penetrant manganese SOD-mimic is able to complement MnSOD and exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on cellular and animal models of inflammatory bowel diseases

Boursière L’Oréal-UNESCO Pour les Femmes et la Science 2017

Copper-Catalyzed Hydroamination of Allenes: from Mechanistic Understanding to Methodology Development

Dan Gibson

Dramatic Decrease in CEST Measurement Times Using Multi-Site Excitation

Graftable SCoMPIs enable the labeling and X-ray fluorescence imaging of proteins

How to unveil self-quenched fluorophores and subsequently map the subcellular distribution of exogenous peptides

Investigation of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins through Exchange with Hyperpolarized Water

Kinetic isotope effects for fast deuterium and proton exchange rates