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Improvement of Peptidyl Copper Complexes Mimicking Catalase: A Subtle Balance between Thermodynamic Stability and Resistance towards H2O2 Degradation Article de journal

Yaqine Ben Hadj Hammouda; Koudedja Coulibaly; Alimatou Bathily; Magdalene Teoh Sook Han; Clotilde Policar; Nicolas Delsuc

Molecules, 27 (17), 2022, ISSN: 1420-3049.

Deciphering the Metal Speciation in Low-Molecular-Weight Complexes by IMS-MS: Application to the Detection of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Mimics in Cell Lysates Article de journal

Martha Zoumpoulaki; Gabrielle Schanne; Nicolas Delsuc; Hugues Preud'homme; Elodie Quévrain; Nicolas Eskenazi; Géraldine Gazzah; Regis Guillot; Philippe Seksik; Joelle Vinh; Ryszard Lobinski; Clotilde Policar

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, n/a (n/a), p. e202203066, 2022.

Cellular Detection of a Mitochondria Targeted Brominated Vinyl Triphenylamine Optical Probe (TP−Br) by X-Ray Fluorescence Microscopy Article de journal

Sounderya Nagarajan; Florent Poyer; Laura Fourmois; Delphine Naud-Martin; Kadda Medjoubi; Andrea Somogyi; Gabrielle Schanne; Lucas Henry; Nicolas Delsuc; Clotilde Policar; Helene C Bertrand; Florence Mahuteau-Betzer

Chemistry – A European Journal, 28 (15), p. e202104424, 2022.

SOD mimics: From the tool box of the chemists to cellular studies Article de journal

Clotilde Policar; Jean Bouvet; Hélène C Bertrand; Nicolas Delsuc

Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 67 , p. 102109, 2022, ISSN: 1367-5931.

Inertness of Superoxide Dismutase Mimics Mn(II) Complexes Based on an Open-Chain Ligand, Bioactivity, and Detection in Intestinal Epithelial Cells Article de journal

Gabrielle Schanne; Martha Zoumpoulaki; Géraldine Gazzah; Amandine Vincent; Hugues Preud’homme; Ryszard Lobinski; Sylvie Demignot; Philippe Seksik; Nicolas Delsuc; Clotilde Policar

Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, 2022 , p. e3858122, 2022, ISSN: 1942-0900, (Publisher: Hindawi).

An expanded palette of fluorogenic HaloTag probes with enhanced contrast for targeted cellular imaging Article de journal

Sylvestre P J T Bachollet; Yuriy Shpinov; Fanny Broch; Hela Benaissa; Arnaud Gautier; Nicolas Pietrancosta; Jean-Maurice Mallet; Blaise Dumat

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 20 (17), p. 3619 - 3628, 2022, ISSN: 1477-0520.

Fluorogenic and Genetic Targeting of a Red-Emitting Molecular Calcium Indicator Article de journal

Sylvestre P J T Bachollet; Nicolas Pietrancosta; Jean-Maurice Mallet; Blaise Dumat

Chemical Communications, 2022.


Finding Adapted Quinones for Harvesting Electrons from Photosynthetic Algae Suspensions Article de journal

A Sayegh; L A Perego; M A Romero; L Escudero; J Delacotte; M Guille-Collignon; L Grimaud; B Bailleul; F Lemaitre

Chemelectrochem, 8 (15), p. 2968-2978, 2021.

Finding Adapted Quinones for Harvesting Electrons from Photosynthetic Algae Suspensions Article de journal

A Sayegh; L A Perego; M A Romero; L Escudero; J Delacotte; M Guille-Collignon; L Grimaud; B Bailleul; F Lemaitre

Chemelectrochem, 8 (15), p. 2968-2978, 2021.

A di-Copper Peptidyl Complex Mimics the Activity of Catalase, a Key Antioxidant Metalloenzyme Article de journal

Koudedja Coulibaly; Marion Thauvin; Adyn Melenbacher; Clara Testard; Evangelina Trigoni; Amandine Vincent; Martin J Stillman; Sophie Vriz; Clotilde Policar; Nicolas Delsuc

Inorganic Chemistry, 60 (13), p. 9309-9319, 2021.

Rhenium carbonyl complexes bearing methylated triphenylphosphonium cations as antibody-free mitochondria trackers for X-ray fluorescence imaging Article de journal

Gabrielle Schanne; Lucas Henry; How Chee Ong; Andrea Somogyi; Kadda Medjoubi; Nicolas Delsuc; Clotilde Policar; Felipe García; Helene C Bertrand

Inorg. Chem. Front., 8 , p. 3905-3915, 2021.

Evaluation of the compounds commonly known as superoxide dismutase and catalase mimics in cellular models Article de journal

Amandine Vincent; Marion Thauvin; Elodie Quévrain; Emilie Mathieu; Sarah Layani; Philippe Seksik; Ines Batinic-Haberle; Sophie Vriz; Clotilde Policar; Nicolas Delsuc

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, p. 111431, 2021, ISSN: 0162-0134.


Fluorogenic Protein Probes with Red and Near‐Infrared Emission for Genetically Targeted Imaging** Article de journal

Sylvestre P J T Bachollet; Cyril Addi; Nicolas Pietrancosta; Jean-Maurice Mallet; Blaise Dumat

Chemistry – A European Journal, 26 (63), p. 14467–14473, 2020, ISSN: 0947-6539.

Intracellular location matters: rationalization of the anti-inflammatory activity of a manganese(ii) superoxide dismutase mimic complex Article de journal

Emilie Mathieu; Anne-Sophie Bernard; Elodie Quévrain; Martha Zoumpoulaki; Sébastien Iriart; Caroline Lung-Soong; Barry Lai; Kadda Medjoubi; Lucas Henry; Sounderya Nagarajan; Florent Poyer; Andreas Scheitler; Ivana Ivanović-Burmazović; Sergio Marco; Andrea Somogyi; Philippe Seksik; Nicolas Delsuc; Clotilde Policar

Chem. Commun., p. -, 2020.

An easy-to-implement combinatorial approach involving an activity-based assay for the discovery of a peptidyl copper complex mimicking superoxide dismutase Article de journal

Amandine Vincent; Jennifer Rodon Fores; Elodie Tauziet; Elodie Quévrain; Ágnes Dancs; Amandine Conte-Daban; Anne-Sophie Bernard; Philippe Pelupessy; Koudedja Coulibaly; Philippe Seksik; Christelle Hureau; Katalin Selmeczi; Clotilde Policar; Nicolas Delsuc

Chem. Commun., 56 , p. 399-402, 2020.

Anti-inflammatory activity of superoxide dismutase mimics functionalized with cell-penetrating peptides Article de journal

Emilie Mathieu; Anne-Sophie Bernard; Vincent H Y Ching; Andrea Somogyi; Kadda Medjoubi; Jennifer Rodon Fores; Hélène C Bertrand; Amandine Vincent; Sylvain Trépout; Jean-Luc Guerquin-Kern; Andreas Scheitler; Ivana Ivanović-Burmazović; Philippe Seksik; Nicolas Delsuc; Clotilde Policar

Dalton Trans., 49 , p. 2323-2330, 2020.


Mannose-Coated Fluorescent Lipid Microparticles for Specific Cellular Targeting and Internalization via Glycoreceptor-Induced Phagocytosis Article de journal

Blaise Dumat; Lorraine Montel; Léa Pinon; Pascal Matton; Laurent Cattiaux; Jacques Fattaccioli; Jean-Maurice Mallet

ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2 , p. 5118-5126, 2019, ISSN: 2576-6422.

Oxaliplatin-induced neuropathy: the preventive effect of a new super-oxide dismutase modulator Article de journal

Marie-Anne Guillaumot; Olivier Cerles; Hélène C Bertrand; Evelyne Benoit; Carole Nicco; Sandrine Chouzenoux; Alain Schmitt; Frédéric Batteux; Clotilde Policar; Romain Coriat

Oncotarget, 10 (60), p. 6418-6431, 2019, ISSN: 1949-2553.

A Fluorescent False Neurotransmitter as a Dual Electrofluorescent Probe for Secretory Cell Models Article de journal

J Pandard; N Pan; D H Ebene; T Le Saux; E Ait-Yahiatène; X Liu; L Grimaud; O Buriez; E Labbé; F Lemaître; M Guille-Collignon

ChemPlusChem, 84 (10), p. 1578-1586, 2019, (cited By 0).

Glycoreplica peptides to investigate molecular mechanisms of immune-mediated physiological versus pathological conditions Article de journal

A Mazzoleni; J -M Mallet; P Rovero; A M Papini

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 663 , p. 44–53, 2019.

From Benzofurans to Indoles: Palladium-Catalyzed Reductive Ring-Opening and Closure via β-Phenoxide Elimination Article de journal

L A Perego; S Wagschal; R Grüber; P Fleurat-Lessard; L El Kaïm; L Grimaud

Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 361 (1), p. 151–159, 2019.

Electroactive fluorescent false neurotransmitter FFN102 partially replaces dopamine in PC12 cell vesicles Article de journal

L Hu; A Savy; L Grimaud; M Guille-Collignon; F Lemaître; C Amatore; J Delacotte

Biophysical Chemistry, 245 , p. 1–5, 2019.

Methylglyoxal, a potent inducer of AGEs, connects between diabetes and cancer Article de journal

J Bellier; M -J Nokin; E Lardé; P Karoyan; O Peulen; V Castronovo; A Bellahcène

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 148 , p. 200–211, 2019.


Macrophage-derived superoxide production and antioxidant response following skeletal muscle injury Article de journal

E Le Moal; G Juban; A S Bernard; T Varga; C Policar; B Chazaud; R Mounier

Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 120 , p. 33–40, 2018.

New branched amino acids for high affinity dendrimeric DC-SIGN ligands Article de journal

L Cattiaux; V Porkolab; F Fieschi; J -M Mallet

Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 26 (5), p. 1006–1015, 2018.

Redox switchable rhodamine-ferrocene dyad: Exploring imaging possibilities in cells Article de journal

M Čížková; L Cattiaux; J Pandard; M Guille-Collignon; F Lemaître; J Delacotte; J -M Mallet; E Labbé; O Buriez

Electrochemistry Communications, 97 , p. 46–50, 2018.

GPCR modulation in breast cancer Article de journal

R Lappano; Y Jacquot; M Maggiolini

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19 (12), 2018.

Peptidoglycan potentiates the membrane disrupting effect of the carboxyamidated form of DMS-DA6, a Gram-positive selective antimicrobial peptide isolated from Pachymedusa dacnicolor skin Article de journal

S Cardon; E Sachon; L Carlier; T Drujon; A Walrant; E Alemán-Navarro; V Martínez-Osorio; D Guianvarc’h; S Sagan; Y Fleury; R Marquant; C Piesse; Y Rosenstein; C Auvynet; C Lacombe

PLoS ONE, 13 (10), 2018.

A Metallo Pro-Drug to Target CuII in the Context of Alzheimer's Disease Article de journal

A Conte-Daban; V Ambike; R Guillot; N Delsuc; C Policar; C Hureau

Chemistry - A European Journal, 24 (20), p. 5095–5099, 2018.

Increased Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Incorporation of a π Spacer in Donor–Acceptor Zinc Porphyrins Bearing Cyanoacrylic Acid as an Anchoring Group Article de journal

S Panagiotakis; E Giannoudis; A Charisiadis; R Paravatou; M -E Lazaridi; M Kandyli; K Ladomenou; P A Angaridis; H C Bertrand; G D Sharma; A G Coutsolelos

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2018 (20), p. 2369–2379, 2018.

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