Our main axes of research



  • Control and Analysis of the Dynamics of Biomolecules

We are here interested in the control and analysis of the dynamics of biomolecules involved in networks of chemical reactions and interactions, up to in vivo. To reach this goal, one needs molecular and instrumental tools for controlling the state of (bio)molecules (with light, electrons, temperature, or magnetic field) and for recording the response at multiple scales, even in the complex environment of a living cell.

Our research currently heads in the following four directions:
Unraveling the reaction mechanisms of photoactive proteins
Dynamic contrast of reversibly photoswitchable fluorescent labels
Coupling electrochemistry and fluorescence to investigate biological transport processes
Remote control in space and time of biological processes

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  • Bio-Assisted Chemistry

We aim at pushing forward the idea that living organisms, and more particularly microorganisms, could become bench auxiliaries of chemists common and essential as round-bottomed flasks. Our projects harness micro-organisms, as living factories, implementing chemically-educated choice of reactants, analytical tools, and biomolecule engineering, to reach targeted goals related to current and future chemist activities.

Our research currently heads in the following three directions:
Evolved hybrid systems for live reporting and biosensing
Photosynthetic electrons harvesting from illuminated algae suspension
Design of genetically‐encoded functional assemblies in cells

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