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CONGRATULATIONS to our former PhD students:
Martha Zoumpoulaki for her selection to the MBA « collège des ingénieurs » (oct. 2021)
Koudedja Coulibaly, who was recruited by Air Liquide in 2021
Emilie Mathieu, who was appointed as a CNRS researcher (section 16, LCC Toulouse) in 2021
Sarah Hostachy, who was appointed as a CEAEA researcher (LCBM, Grenoble) in 2020

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Labeling of Hyaluronic Acids with a Rhenium-tricarbonyl Tag and Percutaneous Penetration Studied by Multimodal Imaging Article de journal

L Henry; N Delsuc; C Laugel; F Lambert; C Sandt; S Hostachy; A -S Bernard; H C Bertrand; L Grimaud; A Baillet-Guffroy; C Policar

Bioconjugate Chemistry, 29 (4), p. 987–991, 2018.

Graftable SCoMPIs enable the labeling and X-ray fluorescence imaging of proteins Article de journal

S Hostachy; M Masuda; T Miki; I Hamachi; S Sagan; O Lequin; K Medjoubi; A Somogyi; N Delsuc; C Policar

Chemical Science, 9 (19), p. 4483–4487, 2018.

Ferrocifens labelled with an infrared rhenium tricarbonyl tag: Synthesis, antiproliferative activity, quantification and nano IR mapping in cancer cells Article de journal

Y Wang; F Heinemann; S Top; A Dazzi; C Policar; L Henry; F Lambert; G Jaouen; M Salmain; A Vessieres

Dalton Transactions, 47 (29), p. 9824–9833, 2018.

Fluorogenic Probing of Membrane Protein Trafficking Article de journal

C Li; A Mourton; M -A Plamont; V Rodrigues; I Aujard; M Volovitch; T Le Saux; F Perez; S Vriz; L Jullien; A Joliot; A Gautier

Bioconjugate Chemistry, 29 (6), p. 1823–1828, 2018.

Clarifying the Copper Coordination Environment in a de Novo Designed Red Copper Protein Article de journal

K J Koebke; L Ruckthong; J L Meagher; E Mathieu; J Harland; A Deb; N Lehnert; C Policar; C Tard; J E Penner-Hahn; J A Stuckey; V L Pecoraro

Inorganic Chemistry, 57 (19), p. 12291–12302, 2018.

Control of Protein Activity and Gene Expression by Cyclofen-OH Uncaging Article de journal

W Zhang; F Hamouri; Z Feng; I Aujard; B Ducos; S Ye; S Weiss; M Volovitch; S Vriz; L Jullien; D Bensimon

ChemBioChem, 19 (12), p. 1232–1238, 2018.

Increased Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Incorporation of a π Spacer in Donor–Acceptor Zinc Porphyrins Bearing Cyanoacrylic Acid as an Anchoring Group Article de journal

S Panagiotakis; E Giannoudis; A Charisiadis; R Paravatou; M -E Lazaridi; M Kandyli; K Ladomenou; P A Angaridis; H C Bertrand; G D Sharma; A G Coutsolelos

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2018 (20), p. 2369–2379, 2018.


Direct Keap1-Nrf2 disruption as a potential therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease Article de journal

Fiona Kerr; Oyinkan Sofola-Adesakin; Dobril K Ivanov; Jemma Gatliff; Beatriz Gomez Perez-Nievas; Hélène C Bertrand; Pedro Martinez; Rebecca Callard; Inge Snoeren; Helena M Cochemé; Jennifer Adcott; Mobina Khericha; Jorge Iván Castillo-Quan; Geoffrey Wells; Wendy Noble; Janet Thornton; Linda Partridge

PLOS Genetics, 13 (3), p. e1006593, 2017.

Synthesis of Homoditopic Ligands with an Incrementable Rodlike Backbone Article de journal

P Demay-Drouhard; L -M Chamoreau; R Guillot; C Policar; H C Bertrand

European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2017 (1), p. 131–137, 2017.

Rhenium Complexes Based on 2-Pyridyl-1,2,3-triazole Ligands: A New Class of CO2 Reduction Catalysts Article de journal

H Y V Ching; X Wang; M He; N Perujo Holland; R Guillot; C Slim; S Griveau; H C Bertrand; C Policar; F Bedioui; M Fontecave

Inorganic Chemistry, 56 (5), p. 2966–2976, 2017.

Re(I) carbonyl complexes: Multimodal platforms for inorganic chemical biology Article de journal

S Hostachy; C Policar; N Delsuc

Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 351 , p. 172–188, 2017.

Reversible Keap1 inhibitors are preferential pharmacological tools to modulate cellular mitophagy Article de journal

Nikolaos D Georgakopoulos; Michele Frison; Maria Soledad Alvarez; Hélène Bertrand; Geoff Wells; Michelangelo Campanella

Scientific Reports, 7 (1), p. 10303, 2017, ISSN: 2045-2322.

A Cell-Penetrant Manganese Superoxide Dismutase (MnSOD) Mimic Is Able to Complement MnSOD and Exerts an Antiinflammatory Effect on Cellular and Animal Models of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Article de journal

E Mathieu; A -S Bernard; N Delsuc; E Quévrain; G Gazzah; B Lai; F Chain; P Langella; M Bachelet; J Masliah; P Seksik; C Policar

Inorganic Chemistry, 56 (5), p. 2545–2555, 2017.

Resonant out-of-phase fluorescence microscopy and remote imaging overcome spectral limitations Article de journal

J Quérard; R Zhang; Z Kelemen; M -A Plamont; X Xie; R Chouket; I Roemgens; Y Korepina; S Albright; E Ipendey; M Volovitch; H L Sladitschek; P Neveu; L Gissot; A Gautier; J -D Faure; V Croquette; T Le Saux; L Jullien

Nature Communications, 8 (1), 2017.

Optical control of tumor induction in the Zebrafish Article de journal

Z Feng; S Nam; F Hamouri; I Aujard; B Ducos; S Vriz; M Volovitch; L Jullien; S Lin; S Weiss; D Bensimon

Scientific Reports, 7 (1), 2017.

Erratum: Author Correction: Resonant out-of-phase fluorescence microscopy and remote imaging overcome spectral limitations (Nature communications (2017) 8 1 (969)) Article de journal

J Quérard; R Zhang; Z Kelemen; M -A Plamont; X Xie; R Chouket; I Roemgens; Y Korepina; S Albright; E Ipendey; M Volovitch; H L Sladitschek; P Neveu; L Gissot; A Gautier; J -D Faure; V Croquette; T Le Saux; L Jullien

Nature communications, 8 (1), p. 2173, 2017.

A host-guest system based on collagen-like triple-helix hybridization Article de journal

N Delsuc; S Uchinomiya; A Ojida; I Hamachi

Chemical Communications, 53 (51), p. 6856–6859, 2017.

Association of a Platinum Complex to a G-Quadruplex Ligand Enhances Telomere Disruption Article de journal

R Charif; C Granotier-Beckers; H C Bertrand; J Poupon; E Ségal-Bendirdjian; M -P Teulade-Fichou; F D Boussin; S Bombard

Chemical Research in Toxicology, 30 (8), p. 1629–1640, 2017.

An All-in-One Molecule for the One-Step Synthesis of Functional Hybrid Silica Particles with Tunable Sizes Article de journal

J Graffion; D Dems; M Demirelli; T Coradin; N Delsuc; C Aimé

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2017 (43), p. 5047–5051, 2017.


Indolin-2-one compounds targeting thioredoxin reductase as potential anticancer drug leads Article de journal

Kamila K Kaminska; Helene C Bertrand; Hisashi Tajima; William C Stafford; Qing Cheng; Wan Chen; Geoffrey Wells; Elias S J Arner; Eng-Hui Chew

Oncotarget, 7 (26), p. 40233–40251, 2016, ISSN: 1949-2553.

The Use of Mn(II) Bound to His-tags as Genetically Encodable Spin-Label for Nanometric Distance Determination in Proteins Article de journal

H Y V Ching; F C Mascali; H C Bertrand; E M Bruch; P Demay-Drouhard; R M Rasia; C Policar; L C Tabares; S Un

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7 (6), p. 1072–1076, 2016.

Small Fluorescence-Activating and Absorption-Shifting Tag for Tunable Protein Imaging in Vivo Article de journal

Marie-Aude Plamont; Emmanuelle Billon-Denis; Sylvie Maurin; Carole Gauron; Frederico M Pimenta; Christian G Specht; Jian Shi; Jérôme Querard; Buyan Pan; Julien Rossignol; Karine Moncoq; Nelly Morellet; Michel Volovitch; Ewen Lescop; Yong Chen; Antoine Triller; Sophie Vriz; Thomas Le Saux; Ludovic Jullien; Arnaud Gautier

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113 (3), p. 497, 2016.

Human TTR conformation altered by rhenium tris-carbonyl derivatives Article de journal

L Ciccone; C Policar; E A Stura; W Shepard

Journal of Structural Biology, 195 (3), p. 353–364, 2016.

Photophysical properties of single core multimodal probe for imaging (SCoMPI) in a membrane model and in cells Article de journal

S Hostachy; J -M Swiecicki; C Sandt; N Delsuc; C Policar

Dalton Transactions, 45 (7), p. 2791–2795, 2016.

Bimodal X-ray and Infrared Imaging of an Organometallic Derivative of Praziquantel in Schistosoma mansoni Article de journal

S Clède; N Cowan; F Lambert; H C Bertrand; R Rubbiani; M Patra; J Hess; C Sandt; N Trcera; G Gasser; J Keiser; C Policar

ChemBioChem, 17 (11), p. 1004–1007, 2016.

Bioinspired superoxide-dismutase mimics: The effects of functionalization with cationic polyarginine peptides Article de journal

H Y V Ching; I Kenkel; N Delsuc; E Mathieu; I Ivanović-Burmazović; C Policar

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 160 , p. 172–179, 2016.

RIDME spectroscopy on high-spin Mn2+ centers Article de journal

D Akhmetzyanov; H Y V Ching; V Denysenkov; P Demay-Drouhard; H C Bertrand; L C Tabares; C Policar; T F Prisner; S Un

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18 (44), p. 30857–30866, 2016.

New insight into the structural, electrochemical and biological aspects of macroacyclic Cu(II) complexes derived from S-substituted dithiocarbazate schiff bases Article de journal

M L Low; L Maigre; M I M Tahir; E R T Tiekink; P Dorlet; R Guillot; T B Ravoof; R Rosli; J -M Pagès; C Policar; N Delsuc; K A Crouse

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 120 , p. 1–12, 2016.

A Bis-Manganese(II)–DOTA Complex for Pulsed Dipolar Spectroscopy Article de journal

P Demay-Drouhard; H Y V Ching; D Akhmetzyanov; R Guillot; L C Tabares; H C Bertrand; C Policar

ChemPhysChem, p. 2066–2078, 2016.

Indolin-2-one compounds targeting thioredoxin reductase as potential anticancer drug leads Article de journal

K K Kaminska; H C Bertrand; H Tajima; W C Stafford; Q Cheng; W Chen; G Wells; E S J Arner; E -H Chew

Oncotarget, 7 (26), p. 40233–40251, 2016.

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