IMAP’s People

Xin Nian Kuai Le 新年快乐 (Happy Chinese New Year)!!!
A big thanks for being part of this event! Wishing you all the best and looking forward to more great times together!!
(Feb. 13th 2024)

Academic staff
Christian SERRE
Research Director CNRS
CNRS Researcher
Antoine TISSOT
CNRS Researcher
Associate professor ESPCI
Research engineer
Nathalie STEUNOU
Professor UVSQ
Associate Professor ENS
Research engineer

Bernard GOETZ (Assistant ingénieur) :

Farid NOUAR (Ingénieur de recherche) :


Tarik AABOUB (Post-doctorant) :

Debanjan CHAKRABORTY (Post-doctorant) :

Emmelyne CUZA (Post-doctorant) :

Charlotte DE BLOIS (Post-doctorante) :

Mayank GUPTA (Post-doctorant) :

Ashish Kumar KAR (Post-doctorant) :

Samim KHAN (Post-doctorant) :

Oleksii KOLMYKOV (Post-doctorant) :

Arianna MELILLO (Post-doctorante) :

Thi Thiet VU (Post-doctorant) :

Aysu YURDUSEN (Post-doctorante) :

PhD students

Nisrine ASSAAD (Doctorante) :

Shan DAI (Doctorant) :

Isaac DANSETTE (Doctorant) :

Getachew Teklay GEBRESLASSIE (Doctorant) :

Maylis GEORGELIN (Doctorante) :

Katrin HEINZERLING (Doctorante) :

Wenqing LU (Doctorante) :

Pratibha MALIK (Doctorante) :

Asma MANSOURI (Doctorante) : asma.mansouri@ens.Fr

Mathilde RENOUARD (Doctorante) :

Xiling SONG (Doctorante) :

Pierre TIGNOL (Doctorant) :

Edouard VOGTLI (Doctorant) :

Xingze WANG (Doctorant) :

Xinrui WANG (Doctorante) :


Soraya BOURAS (Stagiaire) :


Meng YU (Chercheuse invitée) :

Merry Xmas IMAP!! we had a great time, Unfortunately the organizer could not be with us, thanks Vanessa!! Have a great break folks and see you in 2024!!
(Dec. 21st 2023)

This is IMAP celebrating Diwali thanks to a great organization, happy festival!!
(Nov. 14th 2023)

This is IMAP visiting the museum of minerealogy at Mines!! (April 14th 2022)

This is IMAP !! (part 1) featuring new and not so new members and Marie Curie XD
(Oct. 1st 2021)

Christmas party 2019 
Chinese New Year 2019 organised by IMAP’s students, with a calligraphy contest

Christmas Party 2018