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We are looking to recruit talented and dedicated scientists.
For more information and if you are interested in working in the Serre group then please email Dr. Christian SERRE at:

CNRS JUNIOR POSITION for the capture and transformation of small strategic molecules
[posted 15 Feb. 2024]
Are you interested to develop new porous solids based catalysts for the energy transition ? Then join us at the Institute of Porous Materials from Paris ( on a CNRS Tenure Track position, which provides salary and research package for five years and includes some teaching duties (45 hours per year) at the PSL university – Ecole Normale Supérieure and ESPCI PSL (e.g. the Chemistry Graduate program : The opening of the position is announced between four different research institutes in France and will go to the institute with the best candidate.
Research profile:
The research profile involves a strong expertise in ordered porous solids (MOFs, COFs, HOFs and related composites…) and a good knowledge in heterogenous catalysis (electro-, photo-, thermal…) applied to the conversion of small strategic molecules (CO2, N2, H2…). One could eventually combine these approaches with either Combinatorial or Artificial Intelligence tools. The materials will be elaborated at IMAP and first properties evaluated in-house prior to benefit from IMAP’s extensive network of collaborations for the advanced catalytic investigation (experimental, theoretical) of the most promising materials.
The limited teaching activities (45 hours per year) will be elaborated together with the PSL university, through the master in Chemistry as well as the Ecole Normale Supérieure and ESPCI Paris students to provides a high-level teaching on materials for the conversion of small molecules in line with the energy transition. The laureate will contribute to teaching in synthesis, characterization and properties of porous solids, at the bachelor’s or master’s level.
Financial overview:
Total funded on CPJ : salary for a 5 year duration + 200 k€ (ANR package)
IMAP laboratory co-funding: 100k € (equipment, consumables)
Dr Christian Serre

PhD Positions
[posted 2 Feb. 2024]
“AVAILABLE PhD Position with Industrial Partner TRONOX”

You can find all the info clicking HERE

No other offer available at the moment. PhD positions are available in the group each year, usually starting in October. However, for self-funding applicants, please email Dr. Christian SERRE at: ENS or ESPCI requirements will need to be met and applicants will also need to apply via the normal application route.

Postdoctoral Positions
[posted 10 Jan. 2024]
POST-DOCTORAL POSITION: Research fellow in polymer chemistry or/and MOF for PFAS elimination –
Starting date: 1 April 2024
Qualifications: Ph.D. degree in Chemistry or Material Science
Project term: 12 months
Location: East Paris Institute of Chemistry and Materials, Thiais, CNRS, Paris region, FRANCE
Topics: PFAS, or perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a group of chemicals that is used in a wide range of industrial and consumer products. These chemicals are known for their resistance to heat, water, and oil, which makes them ideal for use in products such as non-stick cookware, food packaging, and stain-resistant clothing. However, the widespread use of PFAS has raised severe concerns about their potential health effects and environmental impacts. The other main concerns with PFAS is that they are extremely persistent in the environment. This has led to widespread contamination of soil, water, and air.
This position is part of a project which ambitions an efficient extraction and removal of PFAS from contaminated water.
Activities: The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for development of the novel hybrid polymer/MOF nanoparticles, working directly with two academic teams from ICPME and ESPCI/ENS.
She/he will have access to the complete portfolio of instruments in the hosting group to perform various experiments. She/he will be in charge of the data analysis, interpretation and dissemination. She/he will participate in complementary experimental campaigns carried out in large-scale international facilities (neutron diffraction sources).
Qualifications: We are looking for a candidate motivated by this project with a PhD in the field of polymer chemistry and material science and a prior experience with material studies and characterization methods. An experience related to porous materials will be considered as an advantage.
Work context: The position is funded by the DIM MaterRe from Paris IDF region. Thiais is located in Paris region. The initial appointment will be for 12 months. Gross salary: 2932-4204 euros monthly depending on experience.
Applications, including curriculum vitae, cover letter and at least two recommendation letters
should be sent to Dr. Benoit Couturaud (
We are committed to promoting equal opportunity and diversity in science. The announcement of the position is valid until the position is filled.
Contact information:
Benoit Couturaud, Assistant Professor,
East Paris Institute of Chemistry and Materials, CNRS, Thiais

Postdoctoral positions within the Serre group will be advertised when funding is available. However, for self-funding applicants, please email Dr. Christian SERRE at:

Available Internship Opportunities:
No other offer available at the moment. Internships are available in the group each year. For self-funding applicants, please email Dr. Christian SERRE at: ENS or ESPCI requirements will need to be met and applicants will also need to apply via the normal application route.

Master track Opportunities: PSL University (in Paris, France) has 2 Master track Chemistry and Life Science and« Chemistry & Innovation ». They are part of the joint Chemistry Master program co-accredited with Sorbonne University, which targets an international student audience.
This track offers high level courses, taught in english, in all fields of chemistry, (molecular chemistry and biological chemistry, analytical and physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry and modelling, materials chemistry) based on the up-to-date research developed at PSL University. In addition to academic education, a specific goal of the track is to train students in scientifical and technological innovation processes through a deep training (research challenges, design thinking, prototyping, scientific projects in strong interaction with PSL research labs, group activities, and soft skill development). To complete a full master program, students will then have access to any of 2nd-year tracks of the Chemistry Master. A few grants should also be available.
More information can be found in the flyer and in the website of the formation (please click on the C&I link, on the same horizontal banner as « presentation »).