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Available Research Opportunities

We are looking to recruit talented and dedicated scientists. If you are interested in working in the Serre group then please email Dr. Christian SERRE at:

Available Internship Opportunities:
No offer available at the moment

Postdoctoral Positions
Postdoctoral positions within the Serre group will be advertised when funding is available. However, for self-funding applicants, please email Dr. Christian SERRE at:

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION: Delivery vehicles of therapeutic gasotransmitters NO and H2S based on nanoporous materials » is offered in Moisés Pinto’s group at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa Chemical Engineering Department Research page:
For more information contact:

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION: 2D hybrid nanodevices for single molecule sensing
A Post‐doctoral position will be available in autumn 2020 (starting from Oct. 1st 2020) in the team of Institut des Matériaux Poreux de Paris, UMR 8004 (ENS-ESPCI-CNRS), of the Ecole Normale Superieure under the supervision of Dr. Mathilde Lepoitevin. The project funded by the DIM Respore for 12 months will concern the design of a biosensor, combining water stable 2D-MOFs with a solid-state support to obtain a single nanopore, to develop new tools for real-time detection of target molecules at the single molecule level. It will be carried out in close collaboration with the team of Inorganic Chemistry (ICMMO, Orsay) of the Université Paris­‐Saclay under the supervision of Prof. Talal Mallah.
Applicant for this position will be highly motivated, must hold a Ph-D in Physics, Chemistry, or Materials science. Knowledge in nanopore sensing, resistive pulse technique, 2D-materials will be needed, skills in AFM, TEM, and MOF will be greatly appreciated. More info: here !!
Applicants are invited to submit an email including cover letter, a summary of previous research, CV with publication list, and 2 or more reference letters, to:
Dr. Mathilde Lepoitevin, ,
Prof. Talal Mallah,
Deadline for application: 09-­31-­2020

PhD Positions
PhD POSITION: Serial crystallography for the determination of new hybrid structures
A PhD position is available at the Institut des Matériaux Poreux de Paris (IMAP), Ecole Normale Supérieure and ESPCI-Paris. The project is funded by the ANR project Serial-X-Energy in collaboration with the Institut Lavoisier de Versailles (ILV, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin) and Synchrotron SOLEIL. More info: here !!
Applicants for this position shall be highly motivated and must possess a strong background in coordination or solid-state chemistry. Experience in structure resolution by X-Ray diffraction will be greatly appreciated. Candidates shall speak French or English fluently. Applicants are invited to submit an email including a cover letter, CV with a publication list and two or more references letters, to:
Dr. Antoine Tissot –
Dr. Christian Serre –
Deadline for application: 06-­31-­2020

PhD POSITION: Novel composites based on porous solids for the conservation of cultural heritage
A PhD position is available in between Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation (CRC) USR CNRS 3224, MNHN/MiC, and Institut des Matériaux Poreux (IMAP) UMR CNRS 8004, ENS / ESPCI. More info: here !!
The candidate should have a strong background in the field of materials synthesis and characterization. Fluency in oral and written English is also expected, as well as good team spirit and a strong affinity for experimental work. During the thesis it is also expected that the candidate will participate in the supervision of trainees who will support the realization of the project. Applicants are invited to submit an email including a cover letter, CV with a publication list and two or more references letters, to:
Bertrand Lavédrine (CRC) –
Christian Serre (IMAP) –
Deadline for application: 06-­20-­2020

No other offer available at the moment. PhD positions are available in the group each year, usually starting in October. However, for self-funding applicants, please email Dr. Christian SERRE at: ENS or ESPCI requirements will need to be met and applicants will also need to apply via the normal application route.

Research engineer position
Mission: In the framework of the EU project « MOF4Air » (, the Paris Institute of Porous Materials is seeking to hire a highly motivated Research engineer for MOF scale-up and shaping (duration: 1 year with a possible extension of 6 months to 1 year).
To apply, please follow the instructions given in the following link:
Click on the link for more details.
posted on November 2019

Master track Opportunities: PSL University (in Paris, France) will open a new Master track in september 2020 called « Chemistry & Innovation ». It is a first-year track part of the joint Chemistry Master program co-accredited with Sorbonne University, which targets an international student audience.
This track offers high level courses, taught in english, in all fields of chemistry, (molecular chemistry and biological chemistry, analytical and physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry and modelling, materials chemistry) based on the up-to-date research developped at PSL University. In addition to academic education, a specific goal of the track is to train students in scientifical and technological innovation processes through a deep training (research challenges, design thinking, prototyping, scientific projects in strong interaction with PSL research labs, group activities, and soft skill developpement). To complete a full master program, students will then have access to any of 2nd-year tracks of the Chemistry Master. A few grants should also be available.
More information can be found in the flyer and in the website of the formation (please click on the C&I link, on the same horizontal banner as « presentation »).