Nicolas CHERON

Chargé de Recherche au CNRS (Section 16)

ENS – Département de chimie
24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris

Phone: +33 144322448
Office: E111b


Education and professional experience

  • 2004-2008 : Education at ENS Lyon
  • 2008-2012 : PhD with Paul Fleurat-Lessard, Laurence Grimaud and Laurent El Kaïm (ENS Lyon and ENSTA ParisTech)
  • 2012-2015 : Postdoc with Eugene Shakhnovich (Harvard University)
  • 2015-2017 : Postdoc with Damien Laage (ENS)
  • 2017-now : CNRS Researcher in UMR 8640 at ENS

Research interests

  • Chemical and biochemical reactivity
  • CO2 reactivity
  • Drug design



Structural Optimization of Azacryptands for Targeting Three-Way DNA Junctions Article de journal

Angélique Pipier; Titouan Chetot; Apollonia Kalamatianou; Nicolas Martin; Maëlle Caroff; Sébastien Britton; Nicolas Chéron; Lukáš Trantírek; Anton Granzhan; David Monchaud

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, n/a (n/a), p. e202409780, 2024.

Binding Sites of Bicarbonate in Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase Article de journal

Nicolas Chéron

Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 64 (8), p. 3375-3385, 2024, (PMID: 38533570).

Are changes in antibiotic prophylaxis recommendations responsible for an increased risk of cefazolin allergy? Article de journal

Nicolas Chéron; Luc de Chaisemartin; Simon Aubert; Felix Laborier; Philippe Montravers; Catherine Neukirch; Aurélie Gouel-Chéron

Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain Medicine, 43 (2), p. 101349, 2024, ISSN: 2352-5568.


Structure of the photosynthetic Calvin-Benson-Bassham sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphatase SBPase from the model microalgaChlamydomonas reinhardtii Article de journal

Théo Le Moigne; Martina Santoni; Lucile Jomat; Stéphane D Lemaire; Mirko Zaffagnini; Nicolas Chéron; Julien Henri


Click-Chemistry-Based Biomimetic Ligands Efficiently Capture G-Quadruplexes In Vitro and Help Localize Them at DNA Damage Sites in Human Cells Article de journal

Francesco Rota Sperti; Baptiste Dupouy; Jérémie Mitteaux; Angélique Pipier; Marc Pirrotta; Nicolas Chéron; Ibai E Valverde; David Monchaud

JACS Au, 2 (7), p. 1588-1595, 2022.


Dual targeting of higher-order DNA structures by azacryptands induces DNA junction-mediated DNA damage in cancer cells Article de journal

Joanna Zell; Katerina Duskova; Leïla Chouh; Madeleine Bossaert; Nicolas Chéron; Anton Granzhan; Sébastien Britton; David Monchaud

Nucleic Acids Research, 49 (18), p. 10275-10288, 2021, ISSN: 0305-1048.


Protein Preferential Solvation in Water:Glycerol Mixtures Article de journal

Nicolas Chéron; Margaux Naepels; Eva Pluhařová; Damien Laage

The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 124 (8), p. 1424-1437, 2020.


A Hybrid Knowledge-Based and Empirical Scoring Function for Protein-Ligand Interaction: SMoG2016 Article de journal

T Debroise; E I Shakhnovich; N Chéron

Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 57 (3), p. 584–593, 2017.

Chapter 13: Effects of Water and Non-Aqueous Solvents on Enzyme Activity Livre

E Pluhav rová; N Chéron; D Laage


Effect of sampling on BACE-1 ligands binding free energy predictions via MM-PBSA calculations Article de journal

N Chéron; E I Shakhnovich

Journal of Computational Chemistry, 38 (22), p. 1941–1951, 2017.

Coupled Valence-Bond State Molecular Dynamics Description of an Enzyme-Catalyzed Reaction in a Non-Aqueous Organic Solvent Article de journal

E Duboué-Dijon; E Pluhařová; D Domin; K Sen; A C Fogarty; N Chéron; D Laage

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121 (29), p. 7027–7041, 2017.


OpenGrowth: An Automated and Rational Algorithm for Finding New Protein Ligands Article de journal

N Chéron; N Jasty; E I Shakhnovich

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 59 (9), p. 4171-4188, 2016.

Evolutionary Dynamics of Viral Escape under Antibodies Stress: A Biophysical Model Article de journal

N Chéron; A W R Serohijos; J -M Choi; E I Shakhnovich

Protein Science, p. 1332-1340, 2016.


Repurposing of Rutin for the Inhibition of Norovirus Replication Article de journal

N Chéron; C Yu; A O Kolawole; E I Shakhnovich; C E Wobus

Archives of Virology, 160 (9), p. 2353-2358, 2015.


Substituent effects in ugi-smiles reactions Article de journal

N Chéron; R Ramozzi; L El Kaïm; L Grimaud; P Fleurat-Lessard

Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 117 (33), p. 8035–8042, 2013.


A Qualitative Failure of B3LYP for Textbook Organic Reactions Article de journal

N Chéron; D Jacquemin; P Fleurat-Lessard

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 14 (19), p. 7170-7175, 2012.

A Valence Bond View of Isocyanides' Electronic Structure Article de journal

R Ramozzi; N Chéron; B Bra"ida; P C Hiberty; P Fleurat-Lessard

New Journal of Chemistry, 36 (5), p. 1137-1140, 2012.

Challenging 50 Years of Established Views on Ugi Reaction: A Theoretical Approach Article de journal

N Chéron; R Ramozzi; L E Ka"im; L Grimaud; P Fleurat-Lessard

Journal of Organic Chemistry, 77 (3), p. 1361-1366, 2012.


Evidences for the Key Role of Hydrogen Bonds in Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions Article de journal

N Chéron; L El Ka"im; L Grimaud; P Fleurat-Lessard

Chemistry - A European Journal, 17 (52), p. 14929-14934, 2011.

A Density Functional Theory Study of the Nef-Isocyanide Reaction: Mechanism, Influence of Parameters and Scope Article de journal

N Chéron; L El Ka"im; L Grimaud; P Fleurat-Lessard

Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 115 (35), p. 10106-10112, 2011.


How Does Microhydration Impact on Structure, Spectroscopy and Formation of Disulfide Radical Anions? An Ab Initio Investigation on Dimethyldisulfide Article de journal

I Geronimo; N Chéron; P Fleurat-Lessard; E Dumont

Chemical Physics Letters, 481 (4-6), p. 173-179, 2009.