Permanent Staff

Name Role E-mail Website
Dr. Daniel Abergel CNRS Research Director Daniel.Abergel(a)
Dr. Fabien Ferrage CNRS Research Director fabien.ferrage(a) website
Prof. Geoffrey Bodenhausen ENS Emeritus Professor Geoffrey.Bodenhausen(a) website
Prof. Kong Ooi Tan ENS Junior Professor kong-ooi.tan(a) website
Dr. Guillaume Bouvignies CNRS Research Scientist Guillaume.Bouvignies(a) website
Dr. Nicolas Birlirakis CNRS Research Engineer nicolas.birlirakis(a)
Dr. Philippe Pelupessy CNRS Research Engineer Philippe.Pelupessy(a)
Dr. Mathieu Baudin CNRS Research Engineer mathieu.baudin(a) website

Photos of our group members

Post-Docs and PhD Students

Name Role Team E-mail address
Dr. Kirill Sheberstov Postdoc Bodenhausen kirill.sheberstov(a)
Dr. Ulric le Paige Postdoc Ferrage ulric.le-paige(a)
Dr. Zhenfeng Pang Postdoc Tan zhenfeng.pang(a)
Dr. Lucas Siemons Postdoc Ferrage lucas.siemons(a)
Dr. Vineeth Thalakottoor Postdoc Abergel vineeth.thalakottoor(a)
Utsab Banerjee PhD Student Tan utsab.banerjee(a)
Anna Sonnefeld PhD Student Bodenhausen anna.sonnefeld(a)
Bogdan Rodin PhD Student Abergel
Duc-Duy Vu PhD Student Ferrage
Mehdi Soussi-Therond PhD Student Abergel mehdi.soussi-therond(a)
Theodore Bellon PhD Student Ferrage theodore.bellon(a)
Jake Lumsden PhD Student Tan jake.lumsden(a)


Note that Sorbonne University (click here) hosts the other half of the SDB team.