Functional Peptide-Coated Particles for Imaging and Therapy

C. Mansuy (MdC SU)

Development of multifunctional core /shell nanoparticles

These nanoparticles act as a cell targeted vehicle specifically targeted by a specific peptide set attached in the NP shell.
After this step of recognition:

  •  they provide the active compounds to the cell (drugs, siRNA).
  • the physical properties of the nanoparticle core can be remotely activated (magnetic fields, light, x-rays) to release drugs or modify the local environment

The main field of application is cancer treatment, in which selectivity is a major concern.
We are now focusing on gold NP and magnetic NP  (Agathe Brudo PhD thesis)

Nanodiamonds (past project):

Nanodiamond can be used as a drug-delivery vehicle and as a fluorescent label at the same time.
They display attractive properties such as various possibilities of surface functionalization and a perfectly stable photoluminescence (no blinking, no bleaching) well adapted for studying intracellular traffic and localization.
Different biomolecules (peptides, siRNA..)  can easily be delivered using ND and so enhance the therapeutic efficiency of the drug.

Further reading and references

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