Master 1

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The second year of the undergraduate training allows to validate the first year of a master's degree in chemistry (M1). Open to the various fields of the discipline, it provides an essentially modular teaching which makes it possible to personalize the course. It includes lessons of openness and deepening designed to allow reflexive orientation of students in M2, seminars, as well as a module "Chemistry, History and Society".


The courses are given during the first semester of M1, the second being entirely devoted to a long internship in a laboratory lasting more than 16 weeks, performed abroad. During the first semester of M1, personal work, individual or in groups, and tutored activities are an essential part of teaching.


First semester :
Part 1 : Core Subjects M1 - 14 ECTS
3 modules to choose from :
  Title   Hours   ECTS
  From bio-inorganic chemistry to metal supramolecular chemistry   32 h   4
  Organometallic Chemistry   32 h   4
  Inorganic Materials   32 h   4
  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance   32 h   4
  Theoretical Chemistry : Electronic Structure   32 h   4
1 seminar module to choose from :
  Title   Hours   ECTS
  Heterogeneous Catalysis   14 h   2
  Polymers: from Chemistry to Materials   14 h   2


Part 2 : Core Subjects M1 - 16 ECTS
3 modules to choose from :
  Title   Hours   ECTS
  Physical-Chemistry of Life Sciences   32 h   4
  Inorganic Spectroscopies   32 h   4
  Asymmetric Synthesis   32 h   4
  Theoretical Chemistry: Statistical Mechanics Applied to Chemistry   32 h   4
1 seminar module to choose from :
  Title   Hours   ECTS
  Chemical Biology   14 h   2
  NMR Imaging   14 h   2
1 module of History of Science :
  Title   Hours   ECTS
  Chemistry, History and Society   14 h   2
Additionnal course for the DENS Diploma (3 ECTS) :
  Title   Hours   ECTS
  Scientific Communication   20 h   3
Second semester :
Additionnal course to obtain M1 - 21 ECTS
  Title   Hours   ECTS
  Laboratory Intership                              semestre    21



PLANNING of M1 Cursus 2017/2018 to download