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Experimental characterization of the dynamics of IDPs and IDRs by NMR Livre

N Bolik-Coulon; G Bouvignies; L Carlier; F Ferrage

2019, ISBN: 9780128163481.



Measuring Solvent Hydrogen Exchange Rates by Multifrequency Excitation 15N CEST: Application to Protein Phase Separation Article de journal

T Yuwen; A Bah; J P Brady; F Ferrage; G Bouvignies; L E Kay

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 122 (49), p. 11206–11217, 2018.

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Exploring methods to expedite the recording of CEST datasets using selective pulse excitation Article de journal

T Yuwen; G Bouvignies; L E Kay

Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 292 , p. 1–7, 2018.

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Dramatic Decrease in CEST Measurement Times Using Multi-Site Excitation Article de journal

T Yuwen; L E Kay; G Bouvignies

ChemPhysChem, 19 (14), p. 1707–1710, 2018.

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Deciphering the Dynamic Interaction Profile of an Intrinsically Disordered Protein by NMR Exchange Spectroscopy Article de journal

E Delaforge; J Kragelj; L Tengo; A Palencia; S Milles; G Bouvignies; N Salvi; M Blackledge; M R Jensen

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (3), p. 1148–1158, 2018.

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Conserved conformational selection mechanism of Hsp70 chaperone-substrate interactions Article de journal

A Sekhar; A Velyvis; G Zoltsman; R Rosenzweig; G Bouvignies; L E Kay

eLife, 7 , 2018.

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Structure and Dynamics of an Intrinsically Disordered Protein Region That Partially Folds upon Binding by Chemical-Exchange NMR Article de journal

C Charlier; G Bouvignies; P Pelupessy; A Walrant; R Marquant; M Kozlov; P De Ioannes; N Bolik-Coulon; S Sagan; P Cortes; A K Aggarwal; L Carlier; F Ferrage

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139 (35), p. 12219–12227, 2017.

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Hsp70 biases the folding pathways of client proteins Article de journal

A Sekhar; R Rosenzweig; G Bouvignies; L E Kay

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113 (20), p. E2794–2801, 2016.

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