Biologie Chimique

Intitulé de l’enseignement

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Biologie Chimique



Niveau : M1
Semestre : S1
Responsable : Arnaud Gautier
Volume horaire : 14 h
Présentation pédagogique 
Chemical biology gathers a community of scientists interested in science encompassing both chemistry and biology. The reasons why chemists and biologists find a common interest in chemical biology are complementary: on one hand, for chemists, the complexity of biological systems appears like the ultimate playground in terms of chemical reactivity and analytical challenges; on the other hand, for biologists, chemistry appears like the most appropriate level of description to unravel biological processes. This course will present innovative approaches to understand and manipulate biological systems in new ways using the knowledge of chemistry.
This course requires basic knowledge about Proteins and Nucleic Acids (Structure, Molecular Recognition, Biocatalysis…).

1. Directed evolution of proteins
2. Fluorescent probes for biological imaging
3. Unnatural translation through genetic code expansion
4. Non-coding RNA for regulating gene functions
5. Chemical Biology  tools for the study of post-translational modifications
6. Genome editing