UMR 8640 : Microfluidique

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The Pôle Microfluidique has its origin in the group for Microfluidics, Chemical Organization and Nanotechnology, created in the UMR 8640 of the Department of Chemistry at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in 2003. The Pôle is now composed of 5 permanent staff members (Y. Chen, J. Fattaccioli, D. Baigl, S. Rudiuk and M. Morel). 


Some links to get more informations about its teams : 


Y. Chen:
J. Fattaccioli :
D. Baigl, M. Morel, S. Rudiuk :


Due to the strong interdisciplinarity of our approach, we have organized our research activities by developing a solid collaborative network involving groups from various institutions such as the ENS biology department, the Curie Institute, the biology departments of Paris V and Paris VII, the Peking University, the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCEMS) and the Graduate School of Science of Kyoto University.

In addition, we host several post-docs, visiting scholars, and PhD students coming with their own grants (e.g., ENS Lyon, EC Marie-Curie, Japanese Society for Promotion of Science, Chinese Scholarship Council, etc.).


Since 2010, we are core members of the Labex and Equipex projects aiming at establishing a new research institute devoted to microfluidics in the center of Paris, the Institut Pierre-Gilles De Gennes pour la Microfluidique (IPGG).