Channel Microband Chronoamperometry: From Transient to Steady-State Regimes

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TitreChannel Microband Chronoamperometry: From Transient to Steady-State Regimes
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications2011
AuteursAmatore, C, Lemmer C, Sella C, Thouin L
JournalAnalytical Chemistry
Année de publication05/2011

Chronoamperometric transient regimes were investigated at a single channel microband electrode during chronoamperometric measurements in a microchannel continuously filled by a redox solution. Simulations were performed by spanning a wide range of conditions according to the geometry of microdevices, flow velocity, and time scale of experiments. Boundary conditions were identified and zone diagrams were established showing the predominance areas of transient and steady-state regimes. The predictions were compared to chronoamperometric experiments performed with microdevices of various geometries. The good agreement observed between data validated the predictions.

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