What is wrong with tensors ?

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Many practicing NMR spectroscopists are familiar with the "product operator formalism” that provides a neat description of many important methods like INEPT, HSQC, and a vast family of related experiments. These operators can be represented by matrices, themselves constructed by forming products of Pauli matrices that describe properties of spins with S = 1/2. However, this formalism if not very suitable to treat systems with two or more equivalent spins, as one frequently encounters in methyl groups, where one has to describe a group spin with S = 3/2. Tensor operators offer attractive simplifications to describe such systems, not only the effects of shifts and couplings, but also of non-trivial relaxation that often obeys bi- or multi-exponential behaviour. Tensor operators also form a natural base to describe quadrupolar couplings and relaxation in systems with S = 1, 3/2, 2, 5/2, etc.


Sorbonne Université, lecture room 22-23-401

Mardi 17 Avril 2018 12:30
Prof. BODENHAUSEN Geoffrey
Séminaire Thématique
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UMR 7203
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