PhD fellowship to study nanometric motions in disordered proteins of DNA double-strand break repair by NMR

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Thèse de Doctorat
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PhD fellowship funded by ANR. Starting date: October 1st 2019.

The discovery of intrinsically disordered proteins and regions (IDPRs) challenges our understanding of the physical chemistry of biological mechanisms. IDPRs increase the reach of biomolecular systems to project far and engage in multiple interactions, moving efficiently over nanometer distances.

We will use innovative NMR methods and instruments to investigate the geometry and timescales of motions in IDPRs with high resolution. This methodology will be developed on the IDPRs from key proteins in the non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) pathway, a process essential for the repair of DNA double-strand breaks and adaptive immunity. 

Keywords: intrinsically disordered proteins - protein dynamics - NMR - DNA repair - non-homologous end joining

How to apply? Send a cover letter, CV, and names of three references to

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UMR 7203
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Equipe 3