PhD Fellowship on Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

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Thèse de Doctorat
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Dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) techniques provide unprecedented NMR signal enhancement (by several orders of magnitude) and has made possible experiments that were until recently impossible to achieve by conventional methods. In conditions of very high polarisation, the interaction between the large sample magnetisation with the detection circuit leads to nonlinear behaviour (« radiation damping », maser effect, dipolar field effects).

Very unusual NMR signals have been observed in the solid state at liquid helium temperatures (~1.2 K), that exhibit typical multiple maser effects at short times (< ~100 ms) on the one hand, and persist for tens of seconds on the other hand (when solid-state NMR signals are typically expected to last no more than ~500 microsecond).These signals reflect the combination between complex processes of different nature, involving nonlinearities of the magnetization dynamics, and DNP.

An electronic device that allows control of the back-action of the probe on the magnetization will be built and used to perform unconventional controlled maser experiments in order to access the details of the DNP process. Experimental studies will be confronted to theory throughsimulations and/or theoretical calculations.The developed instrumentation will  then be implemented to optimize hyperpolarization DNP sequences and their integration in dissolution-DNP experiments.

keywords : NMR; dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP); radiation damping; dissolution-DNP

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UMR 7203
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Equipe 3