Stimuli-responsive Functional Materials via Hierarchical Self-Assembly Involving Coordination Interactions

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Hierarchical self-assembly is omnipresent in many biological systems and has been widely explored in construction of artificial functional supramolecular systems. Based on our previous research on coordination-driven self-assembly of functional metallacycles1, recently, we have expanded our research towards the construction of stimuli-responsive functional materials via hierarchical self-assembly involving coordination interactions. The judicious combination of reversible coordination in metallacycles with other non-covalent interactions allows for the fabrication of a variety of stimuli-responsive nanostructures and functional materials (Figure 1). For example, various nanostructures2, supramolecular metallohydrogels3, stimuli-responsive supramolecular polymers4, and vapochromic materails5 have been successfully prepared by this strategy with the tailored chemical and physical properties. In addtion, the first example of the branched rotaxane dendrimers with high generation was successfully realized by using the similar strategy6.





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