Characterisation facilities

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Microscopy tools:

- Zeiss microscope Axiovert 200
- Zeiss microscope Axiovert CFL 40
- Zeiss microscope Observer D1
- Leica microscope DMIL
Veeco atomic force microscope Caliper
- Other CCD cameras

Electronic and electrochemical tools:
- Agilent oscilloscope (54621A)
- Agilent oscilloscope 250MHz (546510A)
- Agilent power source (3631A)
- Agilent wave generator 80 MHz (23250A)
- Agilent multi-meter (34970A)
- Agilent spectrum analyzer (N9320A)
- CHI electrochemical station 660D
Kepco Biopolar operational power suppler/amplifier
Kepco 0-300V high current suppler
eDAQ potentiostat
eDAQ picostat
- Faraday cages
- Patch clamp system (Biologic)
- Stanford Lock-in amplifier SR844
- Stanford Lock-in amplifier SR530

Optical tools:
- CW and pulse lasers
- Ocean spectrometer HR2000+
- Optical microscope
Optofluidic workstation
Acousto-optical modulator
- Single photon counting module

Microfluidic tools:
- Auto pressure generators
- Multi-channel flow controllers
- Harvard micro injectors
- Other micro injectors