Clean Room Facilities

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Lithography tools:

- SUSS MicroTec Mask aligner MJB4
- Heidelberg Ins. Laser writer µPG 101
- Edward e-beam Evaporator/sputter Auto 500
- Edward thermal Evaporator 306
Quorun technologies Sputter K675XD
Nextral Reactive ion etcher N100
Profilometry Dektak XT
- Nanoimprint press
- Soft lithography bench 

Self-assembly tools:
- Polymer mixer
- Wet etch workbench
- Electroplating workbench
- Electrochemical etch workbench
- Capillary forced deposition
- VWR cooling system

Nanofiber forming tools:
Electrospinning workbench
- Melt spinning workbench
- Stanford power supply PS350 (0-5kV)
Heinzinger LNC power supply (0-30kV)
- 3D moving system Fisnar I&J7100
Nabertherm Furnace 30-3000°C

Accessories and observation tools: 
Minitech machining tool Mini-Mill GX/PRO
- Scanning electron microscope Hitachi S-800
- Zeiss microscope Axioscope A1
- Plasma cleaner Harrick
- Spin-coater, oven, hotplates, ultrasonic bath, etc.
- Mechanic and electronic workbench