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Metals in Biology

Inorganic Biological and Cellular Chemistry


Photo taken in March 2017 by Sergii Rudiuk


In September 2018, the group consists of a Professor (ENS C. Policar), a CNRS researcher (N. Delsuc), one assistant professor (P6, H. Bertrand), a technician (ENS, G. Gazzah), three post-doctoral students, 6 PhDs students (co-supervized by the group members).


Group members

  • Hélène Bertrand (Asst Pr)
  • Nicolas Delsuc (CR)
  • Clotilde Policar (Pr)
  • Géraldine Gazzah (Tech)
  • Anne-Sophie Bernard (post-doctoral fellow)
  • Elodie Quévrain (post-doctoral fellow)
  • Manon Isaac (post-doctoral fellow)
  • Amandine Vincent (PhD student)
  • Lucas Henry (PhD student) starting in Sept. 2016)
  • He Menglan (PhD student, in co-supervision with East China Normal University)
  • Amandine Vincent (PhD student starting in  Sept. 2016)
  • Antoine Hoste (PhD student starting in Sept. 2016)
  • Martha Zoumpoulaki (PhD student starting in Sept. 2017)
  • Koudedja Coulibaly (PhD student starting in Sept. 2017)
  • Audrey Tolbert (PhD visiting from V. Pecoraro's group from October 2018 to May 2019, fullbright fellowship)
  • Gabrielle Schanne (M2 student)
  • Antoine Colin (M2 student)

And also visitors: Erasmus students; pupils from high schools...

Former group members and visitors: See alumni



Our credo-motto

The word of Clotilde Policar:

We are a group of chemists with complimentary  and extensive expertise in chemistry (organic synthesis from peptide chemistry to organometallic chemistry, inorganic synthesis, bio-inorganic chemistry, physical-chemistry, spectroscopies, imaging and cell-biology). We are interested by peforming inorganic chemistry in biological environments, the cell being our first playground.


Our credo: move ahead together and remain ourselves.


 ‘Simul et singulis’ could be our motto, as that from the theater troupe of the Comedie française: be together and ourselves.  Indeed, as in a theater troupe, we are the main character and a second role helping projects of others alternately. This is exemplified in our contracts list (see "research"). Join us for a bigger play!