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Metals in Biology - Inorganic Cellular Chemistry


News / Job offers

What is new?

-May 2018: we welcome Dani Gobson as an invited professor

-June 2017: Installation of the IR-microscope!

-May 2017: we welcome Rachel Austin as an invited professor.


Students' Awards

-ISABC 2017 (June): Emilie Mathieu was awarded the prize of the Inorganics best Poster Award at the International Symposium in Bioinorganic Chemistry 2017. Congratulation!
-Emilie Mathieu was awarded a fellowship for an international collaboration by the FrenchBIC.
-Sylvain Clède, winner of the prize for the Best Student Poster at the 2012 SOLEIL Users’ Meeting

-Sylvain Clède, winner of the Prix de thèse 2014 de la Division Chimie-Physique de la Société Chimique de France.


Job offers

-Several grants for M2 starting from September 2019 to February 2020. Please, do not hesitate to contact us: ; and


Former offers:

-Starting in September 2017, a PhD position will be available on the Mn-complexes with anti-superoxide activity — FILLED

-Fall 2015: three M2 positions to work on (a) Mn-complexes with anti-superoxide activity, (b) Ln-probes, and (c) Re(CO)3 as structural mimics of secondary structure in proteins. Please, contact for more details — FILLED

-Summer 2015: One post-doctoral fellowship in collaboration with the College de France and ENSCP—FILLED