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Metals in Biology - Inorganic Cellular Chemistry

Gallery of former group photo



Photo taken in Sept. 2013

Alumni - former group members

Post-doctoral fellows (dates, what the did after staying with us):

  • Emilie Mathieu (2017)
  • Elodie Quévrain (2017-présent)
  • Anne-Sophie Bernard (2016-présent)
  • Vincent Ching (2011-2013, and 2016)
  • Elodie Quévrain (2013-2014, now back with us as a post-doctoral fellow)
  • Benjamin Yap (2011-2012, now post-doc fellow)
  • Claire Giroud (2009-2010, now teacher in CPGE)
  • Jenny Waern (2007-2008, now researcher in Australia)
  • Vinita Ambike (2007, now researcher in India)


Doctoral students (dates; what the did after their PhD):

  • Emilie Mathieu (2014-2017, now post-dcotoral student in the group)
  • Sarah Hostach (2011-2014, now post-doctoral fellow in Berlin)
  • Paul Demay-Dourhard (2011-2014, now post-doctoral fellow in Australia)
  • Zhu Jing (2011-2014 PhD student co-supervizion with ECNU-Shanghaï, now working in China),
  • May Lee Low (2012-2014; co-supervized by K. Crouse, Putra University, now Researcher in Malaysia)
  • Anne-Sophie Bernard (2010-2014; now teaching assistant in préparation à l’agrégation, ENS)
  • Sylvain Clède (2010-13; Thesis Prize Physical-Chemistry, SCF, 2014 ; now teacher in CPGE)
  • Ludivine Garcia (2007-2010; now teacher)
  • Christelle Neff (2006-2009; now teacher)
  • Federico Cisnetti (2004-2007; now associate professor at Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand)
  • François Bellot (2002-2005; now teacher)
  • Stéphanie Durot (2000-2003; now associate professor at Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg)


M2 (year they were with us, what they did after):

  • Koudedja Coulibaly (2017)
  • Pauline Gehan (2017)
  • Jennifer Rodon Fores (2016, now PhD)
  • Caroline Lung-Soon (2015, she went for a M2 management)
  • Lucas Henry (2014, Agrégation, now PhD student in the group)
  • Marie Hoarau (2013, she did a PhD at LCC-Toulouse and is now a psot-doctoral student)
  • Mélanie d'Almeida (2011, PhD)
  • Marie-Aude Richard (2010, PhD)
  • Sébastien Iriart (2010, Agregation, teacher)

Foreign students (level, university, year)

  • Azalea Micottis and Scott Hobbs (M1, Imperial College London, 2017)
  • Noemi Perujo (M1, Imperial College London, 2016) : Noemi tells us about her stay at ENS
  • Martha Zoumpoulaki (M1, University Creta, Heraklion, 2015; she joined ENS for pursuing her studies in September 2015. She is now PhD in our group)
  • Lucy Binfield (M1, Imperial College London, 2014)
  • Hazel Neighbour (L3, Imperial College London, 2012)
  • Sophia Papadoulis (M1, University Creta, Heraklion, 2011)

Other students and visitors

  • Clara Testard, UPMC, L2, Chemsitry and biology, June 2017
  • Emilie Mathieu, ENS Cachan, was a trainee in our group in 2013. She came back for a PhD in 2014 and defended in 2017.