Casey Hynes

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James T. (Casey) Hynes

Directeur de Recherche CNRS

Tel: (33) 1 44 32 32 78
Fax: (33) 1 44 32 33 25
email: hynes [at]

(Also, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Colorado, Boulder:

Place and Date of Birth

Miami Beach, Florida - October 16, 1943

Educational Background

A.B. Catholic University (with honors) 1965
Ph.D. Princeton University (Physical Chemistry) 1969

Academic Positions

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, M.I.T. 1969-1970
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado 1/1971-1976
Associate Professor, University of Colorado 1976-1979
Visiting Associate Professor, University of Toronto 9/1978-5/1979
Full Professor, University of Colorado 1979-
Visiting Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford 6/1985-8/1985
Visiting Professor, Laboratoire de Physique Théorique des Liquides, University of Paris 6 9/1985
Visiting Professor, Theoretical Chemistry Department, University of Oxford 1/1987-8/1987
Visiting Professor, Laboratoire de Physique Théorique des Liquides, University of Paris 6 9/1987
Visiting Professor, Quantum Chemistry, Universita Autonoma de Barcelona 5/1995-8/1995
Visiting Professor, ENS, Paris 5/1997
Visiting Professor, Univ. Paris Sud, Orsay 6/1997
CNRS Directeur de Recherche, Premiere Classe, Département de Chimie, ENS, Paris 10/1999-

Some Current Professional Activities

Honors and Awards

War Memorial Fellow, Catholic University 1961-1965
NSF Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow, Catholic University 1964
American Can Predoctoral Fellow, Princeton 1967-1969
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, M.I.T. 1969-1970
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow 1975-1977
University of Colorado Faculty Foundation Fellow 9/1978-8/1979
John Simon Guggenheim Fellow 9/1978-8/1979
ACS Nobel Laureate Signature Award (w/ D. J. Nesbitt and S. R. Leone) 1983
Boulder Faculty Assembly Teaching Excellence Award 1983
SERC Fellow at Oxford University 6/1985-8/1985
University of Colorado Faculty Fellow 9/1986-8/1987
University of Colorado Council on Research and Creative Work Research Lecturer 1988
Catholic University Distinguished Alumnus Award in Research & Scholarship 1988
Texas A&M Frontiers in Chemistry Lecturer 1991
NSF Creativity Award 1991
Iberdrola Foundation Invited Visiting Professor, Barcelona, Spain 5/1995-8/1995
CEA Invited Scientist, Service de Photochimie Moléculaire, Centre d'Etudes de Saclay, France 8/1995, 12/1995-1/1996
Directeur de Recherche Associé, GdR "Acte Chimique Elémentaire", Service de Photochimie Moléculaire, Centre d'Etudes de Saclay, France 5/1996-8/1996
ACS Lecturer, Chemistry Department, University of Wisconsin 2/1997
Invited Visiting Professor, ENS, Paris, France 5/1997
Invited Visiting Professor, Univ. Paris Sud, Orsay, France 6/1997
CNRS Poste Rouge, Univ. Paris Sud, Orsay, France 6/1997-8/1997
University of Colorado Faculty Fellow 9/1997-8/1998
Condorcet Chair, ENS, Paris, France 5/1999-7/1999
Laboratory for Molecular Sciences Distinguished Visiting Scholar, California Institute of Technology Spring 2000
Frederick Kaufman Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh Fall 2000
Fellow, American Physical Society 2000-
Merck-Frosst Lecturer, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, CA 1/2001
ISI Highly Cited Researcher for 1980-1999 2002-
Who's Who in America 2003-
Hirschfelder Prize in Theoretical Chemistry 2004
ACS Hildebrand Award in Theory and Experiment in Liquids 2005

Professional Memberships

  • American Physical Society
  • American Chemical Society
  • French Chemical Society

Major Professional Activities

ACS Phys. Chem. Grad. Exam Com. 1975-1978
ACS Speakers Bureau 1983-1987
ACS Examination Committee 1983-1990
ACS Theoretical Division Vice Chairman 1984
Chairman-Elect 1985
Chairman 1986
ACS, Chair, Hildebrand Award Nomination Committee 1987-1990
ACS Phys. Chem. Division, Executive Committee 1989-1991
Advisory Board, Journal of Physical Chemistry 1990-1998
Editorial Board, Journal of Molecular Liquids 1991-
Advisory Editorial Board, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 1993-1997
Advisory Board, TRIUMF Muon Facility, (Vancouver, BC, Canada) 1993-1997
Organizer or co-organizer of 15 international and ACS Symposia 1982-
Co-chair, Editorial Board, ChemPhysChem-A European Journal 1999-
American Editor, Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism 1999-
Editorial Advisory Board, Chemical Physics Letters 2003-
Member, Editorial Board Journal of Chemical Physics 2003-

Publication and Lecture Activities

Author or co-author of over 210 research articles. Over 325 invited lectures and seminars.

Research Interests

  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Dynamics of Chemical Reactions and Energy Relaxation in Solution
  • Reactions at Interfaces of Atmospheric Relevance
  • Intramolecular Energy Flow
  • Chemical Reactions in Enzymes
  • Electronic Structure in Condensed Phases