Career openings

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Career Openings


A few typical examples give an idea of the careers of students who have applied successfully to the ENS:

 After having completed two years in a French university, André (fictitious name) followed L3 chemistry courses at ENS, specialized on organic chemistry during his second (M2) year, obtained a PhD in the USA, and stayed abroad for a few years post-doctoral training. He was then appointed as maître de conferences (lecturer) by one of the universities in the Paris area. He is now professor at this university.

Christiane and David joined the ENS after passing the entrance examination (concours physique-chimie) to the Ecole Normale Supérieure. They followed the L3, M1 and M2 programmes in chemistry, obtained PhD degrees in different laboratories in the Paris area, spent a few years in post-doctoral positions elsewhere in France. Christiane has now become a full-time researcher (chargée de recherche) in the CNRS, while David found a permanent job with l'Oréal, a company that develops and markets cosmetics.

Emilie completed two years of intensive courses in maths, physics and chemistry (classes préparatoires) after her A-levels (baccalauréat), followed the L3, M1 and M2 programmes in chemistry at the ENS. She obtained a PhD at the interface between biology and analytical sciences. She currently has post-doctoral positions in the USA.