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Admission to the ENS predoctoral program in Chemistry

The ENS recruits its students by way of a very competitive admission exam, or upon application on the basis of written records. Students are indeed selected according to the quality of their academic history, the depth of their knowledge, and their openness to innovation and creativity. The ENS seeks inventive, brilliant minds. National diplomas (masters and PhD) as well as the ENS own diploma, are issued at the term of the studies.



I. Competitive Recruitment for French and Foreign Students

The Normaliens are recruited through a competitive exam after 2 to 3 years of high education (equivalent of college), usually in preparatory classes to elite schools ("classes préparatoires"). Laureates from the EU acquire a status of trainee civil servant, and receive a salary during 4 years. Non-European students receive a scholarship.


Additional Information : Sciences Entrance Examination



II. Recruitments Based upon Written Application for French and Foreign Students

The ENS also welcomes students from all nationalities, who did not take the admission exam. Coming from French preparatory classes, French or Foreign universities and colleges, those students are selected at the end of their undergraduate studies. They benefit from the same education as the Normaliens within the ENS and its partner institutions, and can take advantage of the ENS wide international connections. However they do not have the status of trainee civil servant, which implies mainly that they do not receive any salary or scholarship, though they can still request an accommodation on the ENS campus.


Additional Information : ENS diploma  / Application process


How to apply

The application process for admission to the ENS predoctoral program in Chemistry involves two successive steps

1) Pre-registration on the ENS website: official statement of application  

(see on the website Ens >> Admission >> The ENS Diploma >> Application process >> Application site)

Fill the electronic application form, validate it and print it.

2) The application file 

  • the printed electronic application form
  • a curriculum vitae
  • a cover letter
  • Two recommendation letters from Chemistry or Physics teachers of yours, sent in sealed envelopes 
  • A copy of all your diploma (including your final high school diploma), and your university grades 
  • A self addressed stamped envelope. 
One copy of  the complete application file must be sent  before 17 june 2016 at the following address:

Ecole Normale Supérieure
Département de chimie
Service enseignement
24 rue Lhomond
75231 Paris Cedex 05 France


3) Send an e-mail to "" containing [Surname, first name, current formation] to notify the sending of your application file

For additional information about the application to the ENS predoctoral program in Chemistry, please contact  Jean-Bernard Baudin ""

Mr. J.B. Baudin
Tel : 01 44 32 35 09
mail :

Candidates who are pre-selected on the basis of their application file will be interviewed at the ENS late june-early july 2016. The final decision will be notified before the end of July 2016.




III. Recruitment of Foreign Students by Way of the International Selection

Each year twenty foreign students, equally split between the humanities and sciences, are admitted at the end of their undergraduate university or college studies by way of the highly competitive admission exam of the international selection.

They benefit from an in-between status: they perceive a monthly scholarship of approximately 1000 Euros, but do not have the status of a civil servant trainees. Studies last two or three years, at the end of which students acquire a Master and the ENS Diploma.



Additional Information : Foreign Students at the chemistry department of ENS