Master PSL Chemistry and Life Sciences

Master PSL Chemistry and Life Sciences

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Built on the renowned expertise of several schools and research institutes of PSL - the École Normale Supérieure, Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI Paris, MINES ParisTech, the Curie Institute, the Pasteur Institute and the Collège de France - it proposes high quality core courses in chemistry and biology, and a broad range of specialized courses covering various topics at the chemistry/biology interface. The Master Chemical Frontiers of Living Matter of Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) will open in September 2017.




This Master prepares students in exploring biological systems in new ways using the knowledge of chemistry and biology. Because of their complexity, biological systems appear to chemists as the ultimate playground in terms of chemical reactivity, analytical challenges and modeling, while chemistry is often considered by biologists as the most appropriate level of description to unravel biological processes. 

Beyond the academic applications, exploring the chemical frontiers of living matters opens new opportunities for addressing important problems of our world. Small molecules able to restore and correct function in the context of human diseases can potentially have a transformative impact in medicine.

Personalized medicine could benefit from a combination of chemistry, genomics and disease biology to establish novel diagnostic tools and alternative therapeutic approaches. Chemistry and Biology have also a major role to play in the development of new renewable energies and sustainable materials, in particular through the combination of knowledge in biosynthetic pathways, metabolic engineering and bioinformatics.



The Master Chemical Frontiers of Living Matter aims at training highly motivated students interested in interrogating quantitatively and comprehensively biological systems at the molecular, cellular and network levels using various experimental and theoretical approaches. It allows students to develop their creativity through various research projects and internships, and to learn the latest discoveries and innovations at the chemical frontiers of living matter through privileged interactions with PSL faculty members. 


For more informations and to apply :  Master chemical frontiers of living matter