Master 2

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The third year of the undergraduate course allows us to validate the second year of Master (M2). It is based on the best teaching in the research Masters of ENS and partner institutions. With the help of the tutors, and after validation by the committee of studies, each student has the possibility to draw his course of M2.
The Ecole Normale Supérieure is committed to the teaching of chemistry in the Master of Chemistry Paris Center which brings together the following institutions:
- the Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris 6)
- the École normale supérieure
- the Higher School of Physics and Industrial Chemistry
- the National School of Chemistry of Paris
This Master of Chemistry of Paris-Center is organized in four courses:
- Analytical, physical and theoretical chemistry
- Molecular chemistry
- Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Materials
- Chemical engineering
The first semester of M2 is filled full-time by the teachings. The student must validate 5 teaching units of 6 ECTS during the first semester. The students of the undergraduate training of the ENS may request the validation of 6 U.E.; The additional U.E. is then counted in the ECTS counting for the ENS diploma. The students can enroll in one of the courses above and follow the U.E. course of this course or to constitute their personalized course after agreement of the managers of the Master.
The second semester is filled full-time by an internship (30 ECTS) in a research laboratory belonging to one of the partner institutions of the Master 2.