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Short bio

Frédéric Lemaître did a joint thesis between the Université de Bourgogne (France) and the Université de Sherbrooke (Canada). He received a double Ph. D. degree in 2003. His Ph. D. research dealt with electrochemistry of palladium clusters and their reactivity towards alkyl- and acyl halides. After doing postdoctoral research in the electrochemistry group at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris (palladium catalysis – Heck reaction), he has been obtained an Assistant Professor position (Maître de Conférences) at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Sorbonne Université in September 2004. His research works concern bioelectrochemistry and especially the detection of secretion processes at the single cell level. He is also interested in the production of bioelectricity by using photosynthesis.

Education and professional experience

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Research interests

  • Bioelectrochemistry, Photosynthesis, Ultramicroelectrodes, Biophysics, Oxidative Stress, Analytical Chemistry, Microsystems, Fluorescence.

Awards and distinctions

  • Early Career Electrochemistry Prize from Société Française de Chimie (2015)
  • Member of ISE (International Society of Electrochemistry)
  • Member of BES (Bioelectrochemical Society)
  • Member of GFB (French Group of Bioelectrochemistry)
  • Member of SFC (Société Française de Chimie)

Supervised students and post-doctorants

  • Currents and formers


  • Teacher at Sorbonne Université (lectures, tutorials and practical works) : General Chemistry , Organic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Kinetics, Thermodynamics
  • Teacher at CEPAC (Centre de Préparation de l’Agrégation de Chimie) in Electrochemistry
  • Chemistry academic book « Maxi-Fiches de Chimie Générale » (2008, Ed. Dunod, ISBN 978-2-10-051778-7)
  • Electrochemistry academic book« De l’Oxydo-Réduction à l’Electrochimie » (2006, Ed. Ellipses, ISBN 978-2-7298-3072-4)

Significant publications

  1. H.-Y. Fu, D. Picot, Y. Choquet, G. Longatte, A. Sayegh, J. Delacotte, M. Guille-Collignon, F. Lemaître, F. Rappaport, F.-A. Wollman Nat. Commun. 2017, 8, 15274.
  2. G. Longatte, F. Rappaport, F.-A. Wollman, M. Guille-Collignon, F. Lemaître Electrochim. Acta 2017, 236, 337-342.
  3. X. Liu, A. Savy, S. Maurin, L. Grimaud, F. Darchen, D. Quinton, E. Labbé, O. Buriez, J. Delacotte, F. Lemaître, M. Guille-Collignon Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 2366-2370.
  4. G. Longatte, A. Sayegh, J. Delacotte, F. Rappaport, F. A. Wollman, M. Guille-Collignon, F. Lemaître Chem. Sci. 2018, 9, 8271-8281.
  5. L. Beauzamy, J. Delacotte, B. Bailleul, K. Tanaka, S. Nakanishi, F.-A. Wollman, F. Lemaître Anal. Chem. 2020, 92, 7532-7539.
  6. M. Guille-Collignon, F. Lemaître Trends Anal. Chem. 2020, sous presse.


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A Fluorescent False Neurotransmitter as a Dual Electrofluorescent Probe for Secretory Cell Models Article de journal

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Diverting photosynthetic electrons from suspensions of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii algae - New insights using an electrochemical well device Article de journal

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Electrochimica Acta, 304 , p. 465 - 473, 2019, ISSN: 0013-4686.

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Electroactive fluorescent false neurotransmitter FFN102 partially replaces dopamine in PC12 cell vesicles Article de journal

L Hu; A Savy; L Grimaud; M Guille-Collignon; F Lemaître; C Amatore; J Delacotte

Biophysical Chemistry, 245 , p. 1–5, 2019.

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Coupling electrochemistry and TIRF-microscopy with the fluorescent false neurotransmitter FFN102 supports the fluorescence signals during single vesicle exocytosis detection Article de journal

X Liu; L Hu; N Pan; L Grimaud; E Labbé; O Buriez; J Delacotte; F Lemaître; M Guille-Collignon

Biophysical Chemistry, 235 , p. 48–55, 2018.

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Downstream Simultaneous Electrochemical Detection of Primary Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Released by Cell Populations in an Integrated Microfluidic Device Article de journal

Y Li; C Sella; F Lemaître; M Guille-Collignon; C Amatore; L Thouin

Analytical Chemistry, 90 (15), p. 9386–9394, 2018.

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Investigation of photocurrents resulting from a living unicellular algae suspension with quinones over time Article de journal

G Longatte; A Sayegh; J Delacotte; F Rappaport; F -A Wollman; M Guille-Collignon; F Lemaître

Chemical Science, 9 (43), p. 8271–8281, 2018.

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Redox switchable rhodamine-ferrocene dyad: Exploring imaging possibilities in cells Article de journal

M Čížková; L Cattiaux; J Pandard; M Guille-Collignon; F Lemaître; J Delacotte; J -M Mallet; E Labbé; O Buriez

Electrochemistry Communications, 97 , p. 46–50, 2018.

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A Dual Functional Electroactive and Fluorescent Probe for Coupled Measurements of Vesicular Exocytosis with High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Article de journal

X Liu; A Savy; S Maurin; L Grimaud; F Darchen; D Quinton; E Labbé; O Buriez; J Delacotte; F Lemaître; M Guille-Collignon

Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 56 (9), p. 2366–2370, 2017.

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Electrocatalytic Mechanism Involving Michaelis–Menten Kinetics at the Preparative Scale: Theory and Applicability to Photocurrents from a Photosynthetic Algae Suspension With Quinones Article de journal

G Longatte; M Guille-Collignon; F Lemaître

ChemPhysChem, 18 (19), p. 2643–2650, 2017.

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Electrochemical Harvesting of Photosynthetic Electrons from Unicellular Algae Population at the Preparative Scale by Using 2,6-dichlorobenzoquinone Article de journal

G Longatte; F Rappaport; F -A Wollman; M Guille-Collignon; F Lemaître

Electrochimica Acta, 236 , p. 337–342, 2017.

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Indium Tin Oxide Microsystem for Electrochemical Detection of Exocytosis of Migratory Dendritic Cells Article de journal

X Liu; M Bretou; A -M Lennon-Duménil; F Lemaître; M Guille-Collignon

Electroanalysis, 29 (1), p. 197–202, 2017.

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Astrocyte-derived adenosine is central to the hypnogenic effect of glucose Article de journal

E Scharbarg; M Daenens; F Lemaître; H Geoffroy; M Guille-Collignon; T Gallopin; A Rancillac

Scientific Reports, 6 , 2016.

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Mechanism and analyses for extracting photosynthetic electrons using exogenous quinones-what makes a good extraction pathway? Article de journal

G Longatte; F Rappaport; F -A Wollman; M Guille-Collignon; F Lemaître

Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, 15 (8), p. 969–979, 2016.

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More Transparency in BioAnalysis of Exocytosis: Coupling of Electrochemistry and Fluorescence Microscopy at ITO Electrodes Book Chapter

Xiaoqing Liu; Damien Quinton; Lihui Hu; Christian Amatore; Jerome Delacotte; Frederic Lemaitre; Manon Guille-Collignon

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Multi-chambers Microsystem for Simultaneous and Direct Electrochemical Detection of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Released by Cell Populations Article de journal

Y Li; A Meunier; R Fulcrand; C Sella; C Amatore; L Thouin; F Lemaître; M Guille-Collignon

Electroanalysis, 28 (8), p. 1865–1872, 2016.

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