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ENS – Département de chimie
24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris

Phone: 0144322433
Office: E010

Short bio

Eric Labbé is an analytical electrochemist interested in the understanding of reactivity and transport issues related to biological molecules. He started studying  electrosynthetic and electrocatalytic sequences in the group of Jacques Périchon at Université Paris Est (UPEC) until 2005. Since 2006, he is Professor at Sorbonne Université (SU) and his research topics focus on the exploration of drug metabolism as well as biomolecule distribution accross lipid membranes, through the electrochemical switching ON/OFF of fluorescent probes.


Education and professional experience

  • Since 2006         Professor, Sorbonne Université
  • 1992 – 2005      Maître de Conférences, IUFM de Créteil
  • 1991 – 1992      Postdoc, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
  • 1988 – 1991      PhD, Université Pierre et Marie Curie


Research interests

  • Keywords : electrochemistry ; mechanisms ; metabolism ; transport

The journey of a biomolecule (drug, peptide,…) throughout a living organism from its generation -or administration- to its elimination encompasses namely metabolic processes and transport steps accross barriers. Eric Labbé is interested in delineating the metabolism of such molecules and the dynamics of their passage through lipid membranes, which are central considerations for both the identification of the active metabolites and the evaluation of their bio-availability. Within this topic, his research concerns the development of electrochemically switchable dual redox/fluorescent probes.




Significant publications


  1.  “The Fundamental Input of Analytical Electrochemistry in the Determination of Intermediates and Reaction Mechanisms in Electrosynthetic Processes.” ChemElectroChem Minireview,  2019, 6, 4118.
  2. “Redox switchable rhodamine-ferrocene dyad: Exploring imaging possibilities in cells”  Electrochemistry Communications, 2018, 97,  46.
  3. “Selective Electrochemical Bleaching of the Outer Leaflet of Fluorescently Labelled Giant Liposomes”  Chem. Eur.J., 2017, 23, 6781
  4. “Electrochemical Behavior of Plutonium in n-TriButylPhosphate”  Dalton Trans., 2017, 46, 4943.
  5. “Monitoring and Quantifying the Passive Transport of Molecules Through Patch–Clamp Suspended Real and Model Cell Membranes “  Angew. Chem. Int Ed. , 2014, 53, 3192.  Key Scientific Article  of the Global Medical Discovery newsfeed.


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