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ENS – Département de chimie
24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris

Phone: 0144322410
Office: ES129b

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  • 2010 – B.S. UCLA, Biochemistry
  • 2015 – Ph.D. University of Michigan, Chemical Biology

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A split fluorescent reporter with rapid and reversible complementation Article de journal

Alison G Tebo; Arnaud Gautier

Nature Communications, 10 (1), p. 2822, 2019, ISSN: 2041-1723.


Circularly Permuted Fluorogenic Proteins for the Design of Modular Biosensors Article de journal

A G Tebo; F M Pimenta; M Zoumpoulaki; C Kikuti; H Sirkia; M -A Plamont; A Houdusse; A Gautier

ACS Chemical Biology, 13 (9), p. 2392–2397, 2018.

Development of a Rubredoxin-Type Center Embedded in a de Dovo-Designed Three-Helix Bundle Article de journal

Alison G Tebo; Tyler B J Pinter; Ricardo García-Serres; Amy L Speelman; Cédric Tard; Olivier Sénèque; Geneviève Blondin; Jean-Marc Latour; James Penner-Hahn; Nicolai Lehnert; Vincent L Pecoraro

Biochemistry, 57 (16), p. 2308-2316, 2018.

Fluorogenic Protein-Based Strategies for Detection, Actuation, and Sensing Article de journal

A Gautier; A G Tebo

BioEssays, 40 (10), 2018.

Improved Chemical-Genetic Fluorescent Markers for Live Cell Microscopy Article de journal

A G Tebo; F M Pimenta; Y Zhang; A Gautier

Biochemistry, 57 (39), p. 5648–5653, 2018.

Macroscale fluorescence imaging against autofluorescence under ambient light Article de journal

R Zhang; R Chouket; M -A Plamont; Z Kelemen; A Espagne; A G Tebo; A Gautier; L Gissot; J -D Faure; L Jullien; V Croquette; T Le Saux

Light: Science and Applications, 7 (1), 2018.

Modifying the Steric Properties in the Second Coordination Sphere of Designed Peptides Leads to Enhancement of Nitrite Reductase Activity Article de journal

Karl J Koebke; Fangting Yu; Elvin Salerno; Casey Van Stappen; Alison G Tebo; James E Penner-Hahn; Vincent L Pecoraro

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 57 (15), p. 3954-3957, 2018.


Discovery of Chemoautotrophic Symbiosis in the Giant Shipworm Kuphus Polythalamia(Bivalvia: Teredinidae) Extends Wooden-Steps Theory Article de journal

Daniel L Distel; Marvin A Altamia; Zhenjian Lin; Reuben J Shipway; Andrew Han; Imelda Forteza; Rowena Antemano; Ma Gwen Pe~naflor J Limbaco; Alison G Tebo; Rande Dechavez; Julie Albano; Gary Rosenberg; Gisela P Concepcion; Eric W Schmidt; Margo G Haygood

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114 (18), p. E3652-E3658, 2017.

Fluorogenic labeling strategies for biological imaging Article de journal

C Li; A G Tebo; A Gautier

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 18 (7), 2017.

Intramolecular Photogeneration of a Tyrosine Radical in a Designed Protein Article de journal

Alison G Tebo; Annamaria Quaranta; Christian Herrero; Vincent L Pecoraro; Ally Aukauloo

ChemPhotoChem, 1 (3), p. 89-92, 2017.


Artificial Metalloenzymes Derived from Three-Helix Bundles. Article de journal

Alison G Tebo; Vincent L Pecoraro

Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 25C , p. 65-70, 2015.

Variable Primary Coordination Environments of Cd(II) Binding to Three Helix Bundles Provide a Pathway for Rapid Metal Exchange. Article de journal

Alison G Tebo; Lars Hemmingsen; Vincent L Pecoraro

Metallomics, 7 (12), p. 1555-1561, 2015.


Porphyrins and Metalloporphyrins at Components in Artificial Photosynthesis Research incollection

A Tebo; C Herrero; A Aukauloo

Kadish, Karl M; Smith, Kevin M; Guilard, Roger (Ed.): Handbook of Porphyrin Science, 34 , p. 196-233, World Scientific Pulishing, Singapore, 2014, ISBN: 978-981-4425-10-0.

Protein Design: Toward Functional Metalloenzymes. Article de journal

Fangting Yu; Virginia M Cangelosi; Melissa L Zastrow; Matteo Tegoni; Jefferson S Plegaria; Alison G Tebo; Catherine S Mocny; Leela Ruckthong; Hira Qayyum; Vincent L Pecoraro

Chemical reviews, 114 (7), p. 3495-3578, 2014.