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Visible-light-controllable drug release from multilayer-coated microneedles Article de journal

Z Zheng; H Ye; J Wang; T Zhang; Q You; H Li; R He; Y Chen; W Zhang; Y Cao

Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 5 (34), p. 7014–7017, 2017.


A bottom-up approach to dual shape-memory effects Article de journal

J Wang; J Li; N Li; X Guo; L He; X Cao; W Zhang; R He; Z Qian; Y Cao; Y Chen

Chemistry of Materials, 27 (7), p. 2439–2448, 2015.


Light-controlled drug releasing polymer films combining LbL self-assembly and host-guest interactions Article de journal

J Li; L He; J Wang; Z T Zhang; J Shi; X Z Zhang; Y P Cao; Y Chen

Express Polymer Letters, 8 (3), p. 143–153, 2014.

Simultaneous and multisite tumor rapid-target bioimaging through in vivo biosynthesis of fluorescent gold nanoclusters Article de journal

J Wang; J Ye; H Jiang; S Gao; W Ge; Y Chen; C Liu; C Amatore; X Wang

RSC Advances, 4 (71), p. 37790–37795, 2014.


In vivo self-bio-imaging of tumors through in situ biosynthesized fluorescent gold nanoclusters Article de journal

J Wang; G Zhang; Q Li; H Jiang; C Liu; C Amatore; X Wang

Scientific Reports, 3 , 2013.

Shape memory supramolecular networks for the photoregulated adsorption and release of model molecules Article de journal

J Li; Y Cao; Q You; Y Zhang; H Shi; Z Yang; L He; J Wang; C Ni; Y Chen; Z Qian

Materials Express, 3 (4), p. 310–318, 2013.


Lewis X oligosaccharides targeting to DC-SIGN enhanced antigen-specific immune response Article de journal

J Wang; Y Zhang; J Wei; X Zhang; B Zhang; Z Zhu; W Zou; Y Wang; Z Mou; B Ni; Y Wu

Immunology, 121 (2), p. 174–182, 2007.


Metabolites from mangrove endophytic fungus Dothiorella sp Article de journal

Q Xu; J Wang; Y Huang; Z Zheng; S Song; Y Zhang; W Su

Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 23 (3), p. 541–547, 2004.