The Nanobioscience and Microsystems (NMBS) group at ENS, this is:
nano & micro to tackle problems at all the scales that bridge molecules to real-world synthetic/biological functions
science to cross the frontiers of knowledge
bio as tools to be exploited (DNA nanotechnology, cell reprogramming), mechanisms to be understood (exocytosis, immune response), and pathological processes to be detected and cured (genetic diseases, cancer)
systems for phenomena (adsorption, transport), objects of study (living cells, reconstituted organs) or devices (DNA nanomachines, microfluidic chips)

Affiliations and partnerships: We are one of the three groups constituting the PASTEUR laboratory, a mixed CNRS research unit affiliated to Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), PSL University (PSL) and Sorbonne université (SU). We are part of the Department of Chemistry of ENS, which includes another research unit (LBM) and is strongly involved in teaching chemistry at ENS at BSc, Master and Graduate levels. We are also a core member of the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute for microfluidics (IPGG) and invovled in the international laboratory NanoBioCatEchem.