New review: Recent Progresses in Metal–Organic Frameworks Based Core–shell Composites

Congrats to Shan Dai, Antoine Tissot and Christian Serre for their review paper « Recent Progresses in Metal–Organic Frameworks Based Core–shell Composites » in the journal Advanced Energy Materials
Article here: doi/10.1002/aenm.202100061

Encapsulation of active guest compounds inside metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) architectures is one of the most promising routes to reach properties beyond those of the bare MOFs and/or guest species. In contrast with the conventional host/guest composites that rely on the encapsulation of guest species into MOF cavities, core–shell composites display a better accessibility to the pores ensuring an optimal diffusion of the substrate while presenting a unique structure that prevents the aggregation and the runoff of the active guests and ensures a tight interaction between core and shell, leading to synergistic effects. Herein, the recent advances in this field are summarized. The main synthetic strategies are first discussed before highlighting a few potential applications, such as heterogeneous environmental catalysis, gas separation, and sensing, while others (bio‐applications…) are briefly mentioned. This review is concluded by a critical perspective in order to promote new generations of MOFs based composites for energy‐related applications.