Monitoring and Assessing Iridium-Promoted Photoredox Catalysis by Electrochemistry

01 December 2023


___The mechanism of the blue-light mediated coupling of propanal and beta-pinene, introduced by D. MacMillan, has been explored by electrochemical methods, providing a clear map of the reaction framework involved in the catalytic process. The focus has been made on the fate of one electroactive intermediate, that approach being a methodological guide for researchers who intend to explore mechanistic issues related to photoredox processes. This research involved a collaboration between scientists in both industry and academics.

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Prénom(s) Nom(s) : Julie Quintaine, Lionel Saudan, Francesco Santoro, Gilles Oddon, Eric Labbé, and Olivier Buriez

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Revue : ACS Catalysis (ACS Catal, 2023, 13, 22, 14894–14906)