IMAP 2021 – Webinar series: Prof. George Shimizu (June 3rd at 4pm)

27 May 2021

IMAP 2021 Webinar series
3rd of June 2021 at 4pm

Taking a New Solid CO2 Sorbent from Discovery to Commercialization

Prof. George Shimizu
Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary, Canada

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are transcending from fundamental to applied research, but their use in a large-scale process has not been realized. For carbon capture, solid sorbents face a challenge of merging efficient capture with economical regeneration in a durable, scalable material. This presentation will discuss the molecular features that impact CO2 capture in porous solids and then present a case study of a MOF, Calgary Framework CALF20 that has progressed to industrial use for CO2 capture. CALF20 satisfies all key capture criteria while having a low regeneration penalty, durability and demonstrated scalability.

Online (contact for registration)