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PH-Sensitive Vibrational Probe Reveals a Cytoplasmic Protonated Cluster in Bacteriorhodopsin Article de journal

V A Lorenz-Fonfria; M Saita; T Lazarova; R Schlesinger; J Heberle; J T Hynes

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114 (51), p. E10909-E10918, 2017, (cited By 5).

Translational versus Rotational Energy Flow in Water Solvation Dynamics Article de journal

R Rey; J T Hynes

Chemical Physics Letters, 683 , p. 483-487, 2017, (cited By 1).

Perspective: Structure and Ultrafast Dynamics of Biomolecular Hydration Shells Article de journal

D Laage; T Elsaesser; J T Hynes

Structural Dynamics, 4 (4), 2017, (cited By 14).

Dihydropteridine/Pteridine as a 2H+/2e- Redox Mediator for the Reduction of CO2 to Methanol: A Computational Study Article de journal

C -H Lim; A M Holder; J T Hynes; C B Musgrave

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121 (16), p. 4158-4167, 2017, (cited By 6).

Solvation Dynamics in Liquid Water. III. Energy Fluxes and Structural Changes Article de journal

R Rey; J T Hynes

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121 (6), p. 1377-1385, 2017, (cited By 4).

Chapter 3: A Transition State Theory Perspective for Enzymatic Reactions: Fundamentals and Applications Article de journal

J T Hynes; D Laage; I Tu~nón; V Moliner

RSC Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series, 2017-January (9), p. 54-88, 2017, (cited By 0).

Covalent Functionalization by Cycloaddition Reactions of Pristine Defect-Free Graphene Article de journal

L Daukiya; C Mattioli; D Aubel; S Hajjar-Garreau; F Vonau; E Denys; G Reiter; J Fransson; E Perrin; M -L Bocquet; C Bena; A Gourdon; L Simon

ACS Nano, 11 (1), p. 627–634, 2017.

Controlled spin switching in a metallocene molecular junction Article de journal

M Ormaza; P Abufager; B Verlhac; N Bachellier; M -L Bocquet; N Lorente; L Limot

Nature Communications, 8 (1), 2017.

Adatom Coadsorption with Three-Dimensional Cyclophanes on Ag(111) Article de journal

K Scheil; N Lorente; M -L Bocquet; P C Hess; M Mayor; R Berndt

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 (45), p. 25303–25308, 2017.

Efficient Spin-Flip Excitation of a Nickelocene Molecule Article de journal

M Ormaza; N Bachellier; M N Faraggi; B Verlhac; P Abufager; P Ohresser; L Joly; M Romeo; F Scheurer; M -L Bocquet; N Lorente; L Limot

Nano Letters, 17 (3), p. 1877–1882, 2017.

Ligand-Induced Energy Shift and Localization of Kondo Resonances in Cobalt-Based Complexes on Cu(111) Article de journal

T Knaak; M Gruber; C Lindström; M -L Bocquet; J Heck; R Berndt

Nano Letters, 17 (11), p. 7146–7151, 2017.

New avenues for the large-scale harvesting of blue energy Article de journal

A Siria; M -L Bocquet; L Bocquet

Nature Reviews Chemistry, 1 (11), 2017.

Coupled Valence-Bond State Molecular Dynamics Description of an Enzyme-Catalyzed Reaction in a Non-Aqueous Organic Solvent Article de journal

E Duboué-Dijon; E Pluhařová; D Domin; K Sen; A C Fogarty; N Chéron; D Laage

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121 (29), p. 7027–7041, 2017.

A Hybrid Knowledge-Based and Empirical Scoring Function for Protein-Ligand Interaction: SMoG2016 Article de journal

T Debroise; E I Shakhnovich; N Chéron

Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 57 (3), p. 584–593, 2017.

Effect of sampling on BACE-1 ligands binding free energy predictions via MM-PBSA calculations Article de journal

N Chéron; E I Shakhnovich

Journal of Computational Chemistry, 38 (22), p. 1941–1951, 2017.

Chapter 13: Effects of Water and Non-Aqueous Solvents on Enzyme Activity Livre

E Pluhav rová; N Chéron; D Laage


Ab Initio Simulations of Water Dynamics in Aqueous TMAO Solutions: Temperature and Concentration Effects Article de journal

G Stirnemann; E Duboué-Dijon; D Laage

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121 (49), p. 11189–11197, 2017.

Size and Origins of Long-Range Orientational Water Correlations in Dilute Aqueous Salt Solutions Article de journal

E Pluhařová; D Laage; P Jungwirth

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8 (9), p. 2031–2035, 2017.

Water Librations in the Hydration Shell of Phospholipids Article de journal

G Folpini; T Siebert; M Woerner; S Abel; D Laage; T Elsaesser

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8 (18), p. 4492–4497, 2017.

Corrugation in the Weakly Interacting Hexagonal-BN/Cu(111) System: Structure Determination by Combining Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy and X-ray Standing Waves Article de journal

M Schwarz; A Riss; M Garnica; J Ducke; P S Deimel; D A Duncan; P K Thakur; T -L Lee; A P Seitsonen; J V Barth; F Allegretti; W Auwärter

ACS Nano, 11 (9), p. 9151–9161, 2017.

Advanced capabilities for materials modelling with Quantum ESPRESSO Article de journal

P Giannozzi; O Andreussi; T Brumme; O Bunau; M Buongiorno Nardelli; M Calandra; R Car; C Cavazzoni; D Ceresoli; M Cococcioni; N Colonna; I Carnimeo; A Dal Corso; S De Gironcoli; P Delugas; R A Distasio; A Ferretti; A Floris; G Fratesi; G Fugallo; R Gebauer; U Gerstmann; F Giustino; T Gorni; J Jia; M Kawamura; H -Y Ko; A Kokalj; E Kücükbenli; M Lazzeri; M Marsili; N Marzari; F Mauri; N L Nguyen; H -V Nguyen; A Otero-De-La-Roza; L Paulatto; S Poncé; D Rocca; R Sabatini; B Santra; M Schlipf; A P Seitsonen; A Smogunov; I Timrov; T Thonhauser; P Umari; N Vast; X Wu; S Baroni

Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 29 (46), 2017.

Epitaxy-Induced Assembly and Enantiomeric Switching of an On-Surface Formed Dinuclear Organocobalt Complex Article de journal

R Hellwig; T Paintner; Z Chen; M Ruben; A P Seitsonen; F Klappenberger; H Brune; J V Barth

ACS Nano, 11 (2), p. 1347–1359, 2017.

N -Heterocyclic carbenes on close-packed coinage metal surfaces: Bis-carbene metal adatom bonding scheme of monolayer films on Au, Ag and Cu Article de journal

L Jiang; B Zhang; G Médard; A P Seitsonen; F Haag; F Allegretti; J Reichert; B Kuster; J V Barth; A C Papageorgiou

Chemical Science, 8 (12), p. 8301–8308, 2017.

An ab initio CASSCF study of zero field splitting fluctuations in the octet ground state of aqueous [Gd(III)(HPDO3A)(Ħ2O)] Article de journal

S Khan; R Pollet; R Vuilleumier; J Kowalewski; M Odelius

Journal of Chemical Physics, 147 (24), 2017.

Double differential cross sections for liquid water ionization by fast electron impact Article de journal

M L de Sanctis; M -F Politis; R Vuilleumier; C R Stia; O A Fojón

European Physical Journal D, 71 (5), 2017.

Fermi resonance in CO2: Mode assignment and quantum nuclear effects from first principles molecular dynamics Article de journal

M Basire; F Mouhat; G Fraux; A Bordage; J -L Hazemann; M Louvel; R Spezia; S Bonella; R Vuilleumier

Journal of Chemical Physics, 146 (13), 2017.

Fully Quantum Description of the Zundel Ion: Combining Variational Quantum Monte Carlo with Path Integral Langevin Dynamics Article de journal

F Mouhat; S Sorella; R Vuilleumier; A M Saitta; M Casula

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 13 (6), p. 2400–2417, 2017.

Microscopic flow around a diffusing particle Article de journal

D Lesnicki; R Vuilleumier

Journal of Chemical Physics, 147 (9), 2017.

On the mass of atoms in molecules: Beyond the born-oppenheimer approximation Article de journal

A Scherrer; F Agostini; D Sebastiani; E K U Gross; R Vuilleumier

Physical Review X, 7 (3), 2017.

Transient hydrodynamic finite-size effects in simulations under periodic boundary conditions Article de journal

A J Asta; M Levesque; R Vuilleumier; B Rotenberg

Physical Review E, 95 (6), 2017.

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