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Stability and instability of the isoelectronic UO22+ and PaO2+ actinyl oxo-cations in aqueous solution from density functional theory based molecular dynamics Article de journal

R Spezia; B Siboulet; S Abadie; R Vuilleumier; P Vitorge

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 115 (13), p. 3560–3570, 2011.

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An ab initio molecular dynamics study on the hydrolysis of the Po(IV) aquaion in water Article de journal

R Ayala; R Spezia; R Vuilleumier; J M Martínez; R R Pappalardo; E Sánchez Marcos

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114 (40), p. 12866–12874, 2010.

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Molecular property investigations of an ortho-Hydroxy schiff base type compound with the first-principle molecular dynamics approach Article de journal

A Jezierska-Mazzarello; R Vuilleumier; J J Panek; G Ciccotti

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114 (1), p. 242–253, 2010.

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Theoretical investigation of the ultrafast dissociation of ionised biomolecules immersed in water: Direct and indirect effects Article de journal

M -P Gaigeot; P Lopez-Tarifa; F Martin; M Alcami; R Vuilleumier; I Tavernelli; M -A Hervé du Penhoat; M -F Politis

Mutation Research - Reviews in Mutation Research, 704 (1-3), p. 45–53, 2010.

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Theoretical investigation of the ultrafast dissociation of core-ionized water and uracil molecules immersed in liquid water Article de journal

C R Stia; M -P Gaigeot; R Vuilleumier; O A Fojón; M -A Hervé Du Penhoat; M -F Politis

European Physical Journal D, 60 (1), p. 77–83, 2010.

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Ionization and fragmentation of water clusters by fast highly charged ions Article de journal

L Adoui; A Cassimi; B Gervais; J -P Grandin; L Guillaume; R Maisonny; S Legendre; M Tarisien; P López-Tarifa; M -F Politis; M -A H D Penhoat; R Vuilleumier; M -P Gaigeot; I Tavernelli; M Alcamí; F Martín

Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 42 (7), 2009.

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Improved modeling of liquid GeSe2: Impact of the exchange-correlation functional Article de journal

M Micoulaut; R Vuilleumier; C Massobrio

Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 79 (21), 2009.

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Polarizabilities of individual molecules and ions in liquids from first principles Article de journal

M Salanne; R Vuilleumier; P A Madden; C Simon; P Turq; B Guillot

Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 20 (49), 2008.

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Water nanodroplets confined in zeolite pores Article de journal

F -X Coudert; F Cailliez; R Vuilleumier; A H Fuchs; A Boutin

Faraday Discussions, 141 , p. 377–398, 2008.

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Time-dependent density functional theory molecular dynamics simulations of liquid water radiolysis Article de journal

I Tavernelli; M -P Gaigeot; R Vuilleumier; C Stia; M -A H Du Penhoat; M -F Politis

ChemPhysChem, 9 (14), p. 2099–2103, 2008.

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