PSL-BIC : Annie Castonguay

Détails de l'événement

Design of Biologically Active Ruthenium Complexes and Development of Novel Strategies for their Delivery

Our research program aims at creating innovative metal-based therapeutics that could potentially overcome problems associated with existing chemotherapies. This presentation will focus on different aspects of a promising class of anticancer metallic compounds, notably Ru(II) and Ru(III) organometallic/coordination complexes, and the influence of various structural transformations on their anticancer properties. We are particularly interested in the design of anticancer ruthenium complexes that include biologically active ligands in their structure, leading to drug candidates that display a considerable activity against cancer cells via multiple modes of action, simultaneously. We also aim at developing novel strategies for the delivery of ruthenium complexes that include moieties with the unique ability to undergo reversible cycloaddition reactions with cell-penetrating/targeting agents. This talk will provide an overview of our most recent findings.