Bio-inorganic Chemistry

Bioinorganic Chemistry and Redox Homeostasis

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Metals in Biology and Redox Homeostasis

CONGRATULATIONS to our former PhD students:
Martha Zoumpoulaki for her selection to the MBA « collège des ingénieurs » (oct. 2021)
Koudedja Coulibaly, who was recruited by Air Liquide in 2021
Emilie Mathieu, who was appointed as a CNRS researcher (section 16, LCC Toulouse) in 2021
Sarah Hostachy, who was appointed as a CEAEA researcher (LCBM, Grenoble) in 2020

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Alice Balfourier
Hélène Bertrand
Nicolas Delsuc
Clotilde Policar (see also ORCID page)
Christine Rampon
Michel Volovitch
Sophie Vriz

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Vibrational circular dichroism and ab initio structure elucidation of an aromatic foldamer Article de journal

Thierry Buffeteau; Laurent Ducasse; Legiso Poniman; Nicolas Delsuc; Ivan Huc

Chemical Communications, (25), p. 2714, 2006, ISSN: 1359-7345, 1364-548X.


Probing helix propensity of monomers within a helical oligomer Article de journal

Christel Dolain; Jean-Michel Léger; Nicolas Delsuc; Heinz Gornitzka; Ivan Huc

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 102 (45), p. 16146–16151, 2005.


A di-Copper Peptidyl Complex Mimics the Activity of Catalase, a Key Antioxidant Metalloenzyme Article de journal

Koudedja Coulibaly; Marion Thauvin; Adyn Melenbacher; Clara Testard; Evangelia Trigoni; Amandine Vincent; Martin J Stillman; Sophie Vriz; Clotilde Policar; Nicolas Delsuc

Inorganic Chemistry, 0 (0), p. null, 0000, (PMID: 34109781).

123 Entrées « 5 de 5 »