Master Chemistry and Innovation

10 April 2020

PSL University (in Paris, France) will open a new Master track in september 2020 called « Chemistry & Innovation ». It is a first-year track part of the joint Chemistry Master program co-accredited with Sorbonne University, which targets an international student audience.
This track offers high level courses, taught in english, in all fields of chemistry, (molecular chemistry and biological chemistry, analytical and physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry and modelling, materials chemistry) based on the up-to-date research developped at PSL University. In addition to academic education, a specific goal of the track is to train students in scientifical and technological innovation processes through a deep training (research challenges, design thinking, prototyping, scientific projects in strong interaction with PSL research labs, group activities, and soft skill developpement). To complete a full master program, students will then have access to any of 2nd-year tracks of the Chemistry Master. A few grants should also be available.
More information can be found in the flyer and in the website of the formation (please click on the C&I link, on the same horizontal banner as « presentation »).