Recrutement Maître de conférences/Assistant Professor Bioinorganic Chemistry

03 February 2021

We are pleased to inform you that a position for an assistant professor in bio-inorganic chemistry will be open at the ENS to work in the « metals in biology » team. We are looking for a collaborator motivated by studies at the interface with the living on metallic compounds.

The application for this position is open on the web site from the French ministry of research ( from February 25 until March 30 4pm (Paris time). position number 4226.

Note that:
-the website (galaxie) mentions a requirement for being qualified (« qualifié »). BUT, for foreign applicants or applicants employed abroad, this can be performed in a process in our university, upon application. Do not hesitate to apply (administrative contact for this process:
-on the website, applicants have to download their ID (pièce d’identité), PhD diploma and a document issued after their PhD defense by the jury (rapport de soutenance), and a unique file (présentation analytique) with a CV, references, the complete list of publications, a description of their past work (including teaching) and a section motivating their application in our research group and as teaching staff (in other words, an integration project, that not need to be long in the writing document but will be extended if the applicant is selected for an oral presentation). Additional documents can be downloaded (document 1, 2…) that can include letters of support, a selection of publications, etc.

Profile in French

Profile in English